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It was once said, “Nothing happens until someone sells something,” whether that be an idea, concept, product or service. It’s safe to say that sales are around us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Sales is one of the world’s oldest known professions. However over this time, there have been many myths associated with what it takes to be successful in sales, so let’s discuss three of the most common sales myths so you can pave your way to a successful sales system.

Myth 1: “The Born Salesperson.”
Have you ever heard someone say, “They’re a born salesperson”?

Having ‘the gift of the gab’ or being able to ‘talk the legs off a chair’ are not the prerequisites to becoming an elite sales professional, and buying into the idea that “you’re a born salesperson” is the fastest way to hold your sales success back.

Like throwing, catching, driving or practically anything we do in our life, selling is a skill and skills can be learned.

There are critical communication skills that the best of the best all have in common and it should be your number one priority to break down the essential skills of sales and work on them daily. Once these skills have been mastered, selling can be systemised to an extent and it is then the personalisation that creates consistency.

Here are my 8 Steps to Sales Mastery:
1. Prospecting, Positioning and Attraction Strategies
2. Opening Strategies
3. Buying Zone Strategies
4 Solution Strategies
5. Presentation Strategies
6. Challenge Strategies
7. Starting Strategies
6. Referral and Repeat Business Strategies

Master these 8 skill sets and you’re well on your way to a smashing your targets.

Myth 2: “The product’s great and will sell itself.”
I wish I had a dollar coin for every time someone said to me they have the golden ticket, the next best widget.

A huge trap many entrepreneurs fall into is the massive belief they have in their business and the expectation that everyone will want it.

Whether you are talking technology, food or the retail industry, there are so many products and services that are not the greatest, yet dominate the marketplace – WHY?

Because they have taken the time to understand the consumer first and have then been able to communicate, demonstrate, educate and articulate to the marketplace accordingly.

Getting into the hearts and minds of your consumers will then enable you to create the perfect message to market fit. Work on this and don’t assume your product will self itself.

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Myth 3: “The ABC (Always Be Closing) Myth”
If you surveyed 100 people and asked them what they thought of salespeople, I’m sure many would agree that common answers would be: Sleazy, Slimy, Pushy, Aggressive, Say Anything Do Anything Just To Make a Sale.

ABC  basically means talk the customer into your product or service from the get go, close hard and close fast. Just the term “Closing” makes me squirm as it insinuates that all you are interested in is closing the deal and then moving on to the next lead.

Your mindset should be, “How do I have to communicate to the customer to have them wanting to get started with my product or service.” It’s this ‘starting’ mentality that will prevent people putting you in the stereotypical sales box.

It doesn’t take high-pressure sales techniques to “close more deals” – in fact, the opposite is true. Your goal should be to have the customer talk themselves into starting with you, your product or service.

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