An engaged community is just as, if not more important then a big community.

Those who are engaged with you online become your die hard fans who will champion your message and what you do. However, trying to find out how to build these loyal fans and gain that traction with your social media engagement can be challenging. 

With Facebook’s algorithms constantly updating and your Instagram feed forever changing, it is hard to know what content to create when and for what platform. Below, we have outlined three actions that you can start implementing into your social media strategy this week, and start to see an increase in engagement.

Step One: Listen
Utilise one of the many free social listening and monitoring tools such as Hootsuite to understand which posts your audience are interacting with, what time they are online and their other behaviours. You should be posting at optimal times when most of your audience is online and tailor your content to suit their interests.

You’ll also be able to form your strategy based on what types of content work best on different channels. For example, Facebook favours live, video content in their algorithms – so be smart and create content that works best for Facebook.

Step Two: Give
Add value to your community. If you want to build trust and a rapport with your audience, you need to establish credibility and give to them before you can ask anything from them.

This can be done with giveaways, white papers and eBooks, exclusive content or special offers. You can use this to both grow your audience and encourage them to begin interacting with you.

Step Three: Interact
While it might be hard to manage your community across multiple channels, especially if you are working solo, it’s important to build the conversation in a timely fashion. In your copy, make sure you “ask” for interactions and respond to questions and interest. Remember, you want to show that you genuinely care about your audience and that you want to hear from them. Just like we want to hear from you.

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