You already knew this…

But business can be hard.

For me, one of the most challenging things about business is the constant uncertainty.

It’s like you never know for sure whether you will make it.

And I have one thing to tell you.

It doesn’t go away.

If you are working, thinking that one day you’ll be free of worries – think again.

Don’t get me wrong, when you begin to succeed the uncertainty goes down a lot.

But it won’t disappear.

You’ll go from ‘how do I pay the bills?’ to ‘how do I maintain this growth?’ or ‘how long can I make this revenue last?’.

As Tony Robbins would say – you’ll always have problems, but over time the QUALITY of the problem improves.

Problems are necessary and important.

It’s what makes success so much sweeter.

It makes the grind worth it.

Life would be weird anyway if it were problem-free.

If you’ve ever played a difficult video game then used cheat codes, you’ll know what I mean.

You really want to use the cheats at the time, but when you use them it’s not as satisfying.

One of my favourite quotes is:

‘Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better’.

So we know you’re always going to have uncertainty, how can we manage it more effectively?

Here’s three things you can do this week to manage it better:

1. Use the business community – Talk to each other.

You’re not the only person going through this, why get down in the dumps by yourself in your home office or whatever when you have a whole (awesome) community of people who can 100% relate to you?!? Sharing these things helps you know you’re not alone, and you can share what works with each other. Business is a team sport, work together with your fellow entrepreneurs. Sometimes one conversation can completely change your mindset and trajectory in life.

2. Accept things will go wrong – Sometimes really wrong.

As I said above, if you know this stuff is going to go wrong, acknowledge it so when it does show up you recognise it. You knew the BS was coming, but mentally you are ready. It didn’t surprise you at all. This is business, and it’s not a walk in the park. Instead of being shocked by this new problem, you already know it was going to happen and you’re already on the front foot with solving it.

3. Take the first step

People get worried about uncertainty because they have low moments where they wonder whether they’ll achieve it. One way to not be so worried about it, is to go achieve the damn thing! Start with the smallest, crappiest step you can. Taking action feels good. It starts momentum. The closer you get to the goal, the more certainty you build. You start to feel like ‘Shit, I might actually be able to do this’. I want you to constantly ask yourself, ‘What is the best use of my time, right now?’ or ‘If I could do one thing today to get me closer to my goals, what would it be?’.

If you’re a little stressed right now – your action item is to do one thing on this list TODAY:

– Call someone in business you know and have a chat

– Listen to this by Jim Rohn. I’ll never forget this audio, it changed my life.

– Take only ONE step towards your goal today, any step.

You can’t change what happens to you, but you can change your response to it.