Ted Talks provide amazing insight into some of the most brilliant minds in the world. With a huge range of topics and categories covered and speakers from a wide range of industries, it is the perfect place to be inspired, challenge your thinking and learn.

Here are 5 Ted Talks that you shouldn’t miss out on, whether you are an entrepreneur, or just looking to be inspired, these talks cover everything from start-up success, to what the education industry is missing, and the secret to leading a happy life.

How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek 

In this Ted Talk, Simon Sinek explains why when it comes to leadership, some people are better than others at inspiring people to take action. He has made a discovery that completely changed the way in which he operates, after seeing a pattern that all great inspiring leaders and organisations have in common in the way they act, think and communicate.

My philosophy for a happy life – Sam Berns

Sam Berns shares his experience on what it takes to live a happy life. He shares the moments in his life that helped him realise the important things, and how he refuses to let a disease like Progeria stop him from living his life to the absolute fullest. 

The single biggest reason why startups succeed – Bill Gross 

Bill Gross, founder of multiple startups, has gathered data from hundreds of different companies, ranking each one on five key factors, trying to get to the bottom of why some startups succeed and others fail. There was one crucial factor that stood out from all the others.

Do school kill creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson, creativity expert, provides an entertaining yet profound insight into the education system and the damage that it is doing to the creativity of children. He is calling for schools to start rethinking their system to encourage imagination and creativity in younger generations.

The future of education is not what it used to be – Jack Delosa

Jack Delosa shares his insights into the value of a university degree in today’s rapidly changing world, looking at the gap between what is being taught in higher education, and what is actually required in the business world. He believes that we need to lose the mindset of having to go to University, and instead start asking ourselves “Will going to university enable me to build a life and a career that is meaningful to me?” 

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