Like The Entourage, the Twitter movement amongst small businesses is, as Jack would say, marching on!

This week, we launched the small business advertising platform at and, as the small business evangelist at Twitter, I am having lots of great discussions with small business owners about how they can optimise their effort on the platform to really make the most of the time they are devoting to it.

Improving your content on Twitter is the easiest way to improve your effort on Twitter and in a world where more content is being produced every single day than was produced from the beginning of time to 2003, this is becoming increasingly important.

But content aside, there are other ways of thinking about how you use Twitter as part of your marketing mix to build your business. Here are 5 things that you should probably be doing, but probably aren’t!

1. Make the most of images.

This seems like a no-brainer given how much adding images to your tweets can improve retweets, replies and general levels of engagement.

Let’s face it, you really want your content shared as much as possible by your target market since (a) it shows they are interested in your brand and like your content and (b) every time they do, they are doing your marketing for you – for free.

So ask yourself, which of these are you more likely to retweet?

The 140-character tweet without the image:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.23.01 pm

Or this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.23.18 pm 

A recent study by Buffer found that compared to tweets without images, tweets with images received:

  • 18% more clicks
  • 89% more favourites; and
  • 150% more retweets.

Here are some examples of brands making the most of images in their Twitter posts:



Two great tools you can use to create images in the optimal size for Twitter posts are Spruce and Canva, founded by Melanie Perkins, who has written for The Entourage Blog on the topic of building a compelling vision for your startup here.

2. Humanise your brand with Twitter.

Nobody will ever represent your brand as passionately as you will, so let some of that passion and love you have for your business shine through in your tweets!

Let people know what your vision is, how you are going to achieve that vision, what you really care about, why you do what you do and, more than anything, who you are.

3. Start a new conversation.

For a lot of small businesses, having a presence on Twitter is a relatively new thing, which equals a fantastic opportunity to use Twitter to start a new conversation with a potentially new audience in a new, fresh voice.

If your standard marketing communications are pretty ‘corporate’ in nature, maybe your Twitter presence can show a different, more personal side to the business and start a new – and potentially unexpected – conversation in line with that.

Oreo is known as one of the more creative brands on Twitter, and makes an effort to post emotionally engaging content.

4. Use Twitter as the ultimate real-time marketing tool.

At Twitter we talk a lot about brands having target moments more than target markets.

Twitter lets you really own a moment, whether that means you are tweeting a unique offer or a special discount code or using Twitter as your real-time customer service tool, time-sensitivity can become a small business’ point of difference.

5. Create VIPs.

People love to be made a fuss of. And Twitter lets you create a VIP element to your marketing mix by talking to, asking questions of, and replying to your following in a way that makes them feel pretty special.

Something as simple as retweeting one of your followers can have a big effect on how they view you and your brand in the future.

And if you nurture your Twitter VIPs in the right way, you can essentially create a very effective market research focus group of them, potentially saving your business thousands of dollars.

You might’ve seen Jack Delosa, Founder of The Entourage, running live Q&A sessions on Twitter where his followers can ask him anything (!).

When you see this in action, it’s clear that whether his followers are members of The Entourage or simply aspiring business owners, they get a ton of value from these open Q&A sessions:




So, what have I missed? I would love to hear how YOU are using Twitter in a unique or different way, either organically or as part of your new Twitter advertising strategy – tell me in the comments!