Let’s face it. Getting traffic is hard.

Especially early in business.

It’s may come easily to those who have experience, but if you’re just a startup – there’s a good chance you have no idea how to get more people to your site.

While building traffic is necessary for you to get leads through your website, it is just as (if not more) important to make sure that your site is optimised for maximum conversions.

Generally, it’s quicker & cheaper to double your conversions than double your traffic. Today I’m going to share strategies to convert more visitors into leads.

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Here are 8 proven ways to convert more visitors:
1. Add social proof
People aren’t just going to give you their contact details or enquire if you don’t look trustworthy. It doesn’t work like that.

You could be a very trustworthy business offline, but you need to proactively address that online. Show me why you’re credible. Don’t assume I think you are.

2. More opt-in forms
An opt-in form is a small form where people can enter their name/email on your website to join your mailing list. Most businesses either don’t have one or only have one.

You want to have multiple entry points to your mailing list on your website. The key locations I recommend are the header, footer, ‘About Us’ page, after blogs and in the sidebar if your website layout has one.

3. Offer lead magnet
If you want people to sign up to your mailing list or join your community, you ideally will need to offer more than just a newsletter to get the contact details from them.

It will still work, but typically will be less effective. Think about the number 1 problem your main target market has and create say a PDF document with 3-5 tips on that topic. This has higher perceived value and will increase sign-ups in most cases.

4. Improve Page Load Speed
If your website loads slowly, you will lose people. It’s a poor customer experience and people simply don’t have long attention spans. Ideally, it should load in under 2 seconds.

You can test the site load time on Pingdom. Check out this article from the WPCurve blog for great tips on speeding up your site.

5. Create a compelling and clear value proposition
If it isn’t clear what you do, it will be hard for visitors to know how you can help them. If they don’t know what you’re skill or talent or offering is, they will not become a lead – simple as that.

Get past customers or people in your target market to review the site for you. See what they think.

6. Split test your homepage
Ultimately you can guess all you want, but split testing will find the truth. You can use services like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer  to test variations on your homepage to see what variant generates the most leads.

7. Make it simple for me to contact you
This is an easy fix. If you have a phone number, make it clear and prominent. Google ‘website live chat’ to find services that offer live chat functionality for your website visitors.

8. Simplify the site
Take away anything that doesn’t serve your key business outcomes. Your website should do two things – add value and get leads.

Doing the above things will have a significant impact on how many people you convert into visitors. Don’t try and do them all at once. Start with offering a useful lead magnet and add a few email signup forms – then go from there.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

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