Adelaide Green Clean (AGC) is changing the way people look at environmental sustainability. Jordan Walsh, founder and Director of AGC, believes that a huge part of it comes from educating people on exactly what ‘going green’ means for both the environment as well as people’s personal finances. Many are under the misconception that going green is a more expensive path, and this is simply not true.

Jordan is showing his clients that going green is “not only better for the environment, but is also an intelligent and cost-effective business decision”.

Currently sitting with majority of the market share for event cleaning and waste management in South Australia, AGC is an event, commercial and residential cleaning and waste management company with over 100 employees.

Having already provided services to over 100 events and 100 commercial sites in South Australia in their first 2 years of operations, AGC is firmly paving the way for an environmentally sustainable future for Australia.

Jordan took some time out to chat with us about what it has taken to push AGC to the forefront of the SA market and what might be next for the company.  

What have been your biggest challenges since starting a business that has an ‘environmentally sustainable’ focus?

Getting people to use a ‘green’ solution and shaking the tag that going green is expensive is a big challenge we have faced. We have overcome this by showing a cost analysis to our clients of the price to dispose of landfill compared to the price to reuse or recycle waste material, as well as showing that going green in their commercial premises can save them money. This has been a successful tactic as our clients have greater understanding that going green is not only better for the environment, but it is also an intelligent and cost-effective business decision.

By overcoming this challenge, I have learned that people want to do the right thing – they just need to be shown the way. In particular, society wants to recycle and reuse as much of the waste they generate as possible, but a lot of the time do not know what reusing waste actually means or how it is done. With the right education and a transparent system that shows the process, people are able to do the right thing when it comes to recycling and reusing waste – i.e. as compost!

What have been your biggest wins since starting your business?

The overall biggest win is that we have created a company that employs 100 staff, has the majority market share in event cleaning and waste management in South Australia and that we get to work with some of the biggest and best events in South Australia. We have provided our services to over 100 events and over 100 commercial sites in South Australia in 2015 in only our 2nd full year of operation.

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What do you plan to achieve in the next 12 months?

We plan on continuing our growth and taking our concept interstate in 2016, as well as consolidating on our market share in South Australia. We are looking at expanding to both Sydney and Darwin in 2016 and have made good inroads with awesome events in both of those cities. We are also launching our ‘Green Loop’ initiative which will give events a pathway to become a green event and will assist them in becoming a true zero waste to landfill event.

What is the Vision and Mission for AGC?

Our Vision is to make the world more liveable for humanity. To achieve this, our Mission is to eradicate landfill and toxic cleaning chemicals from Australia by becoming the national leader in sustainable cleaning and recycling services.

What inspires you most about your work?

What inspires me most about my work is the fact that we are able to reach so many people through the events and premises we work at and educate them as to how to recycle and use non toxic cleaning products. This is what inspires me everyday.

How has the The Entourage and our community impacted your business and growth since joining?

Since joining The Entourage I have learnt that there are lots of people like me who have the same challenges and opportunities. Being able to connect with these people has been awesome and there is one conversation I have had in particular with someone from the program which will always stay with me.

As well as the community, the portal is awesome and has really cemented for us that we have been doing some things right and that we have areas where we can improve. The portal is a great tool to have as a business owner as it allows you to logon at any time of the day and lookup information you may need straight away.

Jordan is part of our 800-strong community of entrepreneurs. Seeing him work everyday towards actualising his Vision inspires us every day.

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