In business, your age can serve to empower you or disempower you. It all depends on your perspective. 

Jack was 23 when he started The Entourage and while he had started several previous businesses before and built one (MBE Education) to a multi-million dollar success he didn’t let any misconceived ‘lack of experience’ stop him from launching The Entourage.

For him, there was too much of a need for an Australian education institution and community that could truly empower and support entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals. One that gives them access to best-in-class successful entrepreneurs and industry experts that they can learn from.

Often in business, a sense of naivety (not to misconstrued with ignorance) can actually serve to help you succeed because you haven’t learned all the reasons you’re not ‘supposed to’ succeed, according to traditional paradigms.

Today Jack has been list 4 times on the Australian Financial Review / BRW Young Rich List in recognition of the business goals he’s achieved.

Young or old… age is just a number. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something simply because of your age.  


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