There are now over 3.5 billion active social media users around the globe, with Australian social media users totalling approximately 18 million.*

What does this mean for Australian business owners?

Social media makes our world a hub of connection 24/7. People are now more likely to look information up online than watch the news, read a newspaper or even just ask round. And the more information they find, the higher the probability of patronage from them.

There’s no doubt that social media takes up such a huge portion of our lives – both the business and the personal. The digital landscape is always changing, so here’s what you need to know about what to post, where to post, and how to use social media in your business.

Where Are Australian Social Media Users Posting?

Australia is a nation that clearly loves selfies, stories, scrolling and selling online. So where does all of that happen?

Australian Social Media 101: Why It Can Be Profitable To Establish An Online Presence For Your Business

The answer is… everywhere! In order of popularity:

  • 1. Facebook – 15 million Australian users
  • 2. YouTube – 15 million Australian users
  • 3. Instagram – 9 million Australian users
  • 4. WhatsApp – 7 million Australian users
  • 5. Snapchat – 6.4 million Australian users
  • 6. WordPress – 5.8 million Australian users
  • 7. LinkedIn – 5.5 million Australian users
  • 8. Twitter – 5.3 million Australian users
  • 9. Tumblr – 3.7 million Australian users

Australians also love spending time on other social media channels, like TikTok, Tinder, Pinterest, WeChat, Reddit and a whole host of others.

What does this mean for businesses and SMEs?

If there was ever an opportunity to establish your digital footprint, now is the time.

The Importance Of Building Your Business An Online Presence

Businesses everywhere, no matter the industry, need to build an online presence. The advantages are endless.

One major advantage is that digital and content marketing are two of the most cost-effective marketing techniques available to business owners today.

However, it’s not enough to know just how many Australians are on social media right now. It’s also important business owners to know who their target market is and how that audience behaves online to leverage a particular platform.

Finding Your Buyers

Identifying your target audience is so important – only then can you understand their online behaviours, and leverage that to raise awareness and consideration in their minds of what your business can do for them.

Here’s what the social media landscape looks like, courtesy of Social Pilot. (Warning: it’s a lot of numbers, but we promise it’s worth it!)


  • – 43% of B2B businesses have acquired a client through Facebook.
  • – 48% of B2B technology buyers use Facebook for ‘general education’.
  • – 3% of users follow brands on Facebook.
  • – 39% of users say they’ll follow a Facebook Page in order to receive a special offer.
  • – 26% of users who clicked on a Facebook Ad report making a purchase.


  • – 68% of Instagrammers engage with brands regularly.
  • – 50% of Instagrammers follow a business.
  • – 60% of Instagrammers say that they learnt about a product or service on the platform.
  • – 75% of Instagrammers take some action after being inspired by a post – like visiting a website, searching, shopping or telling a friend.
  • – More than 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile daily.


  • – LinkedIn drives more than 50% of social traffic to B2B sites and is considered the most credible source of content.
  • – 7 out of 10 professionals describe LinkedIn as a trustworthy source of professional content.
  • – 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions.


  • – 53% of users say they bought a product they first saw on Twitter.
  • – The average Twitter user follows five businesses.
  • – 80% of Twitter users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet
  • – Twitter is the second most used social network by B2B marketers, with a rate of 85%.

Understanding All The Numbers

Combine the data on social media users, their overall behaviour, and what platforms they frequent, and you’ll be able to gain an understanding of your business and your prospects.

What type of business do you run? Which platform does your prospect spend time on? What content will work best for your marketing and advertising efforts?


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*Australian social media demographics from We Are Social and Hootsuite.