We live in a culture where we think that feeling tired is normal.
We think that feeling stressed in the status quo.
We think that not sleeping well is ok.

NONE of that is normal, but when we accept that it is, it’s easy to let this become our norm.

Recently I had the realisation that the next stage of growth for me, wasn’t going to come from constantly trying to get more out of myself, it was going to come from investing more wisely into myself.

This is why I started to explore what’s commonly referred to as ‘bio-hacking’. Something that has been truly transformative. While I love the field of bio-hacking, I don’t love the name. For me, these aren’t “hacks”. Hack sounds shallow, it sounds like a shortcut, like we’ve found a loophole in life.

For me this journey is the opposite to that, it is about re-connecting more deeply with the natural ways our bodies and minds work, so that we can achieve greater levels of genuine well being.

In this episode of Unscripted you’ll see some of these ‘bio-hacks’ in practice. I shared these with some of The Entourage Members who have already started implementing and seeing results.