Are you spinning your wheels?

We’ve all been there.

You start work early.

You finish work late.

You’re basically stuck in front of your laptop all day, usually seven days a week.

You’re not stuffing around.

But you get to the end of the week and you haven’t really got anything done.

You wonder what the f have I been doing all week?

What have I actually accomplished?

It’s REALLY frustrating.

To feel like you haven’t been slacking off, but at the same time you have nothing to show for it.

I had days like this early on where I would work 12-14 hours a day and barely get anything done.

I’d be reading business blogs, reading marketing books, going through online training courses and more.

All these things have their place, but there’s one big problem with that.

There’s too much consumption.

I want to make you aware of one concept that can transform your productivity.

It’s the concept of Creation vs Consumption.

Creation is you writing blogs, doing interviews, making new products and services etc.

Consumption is reading other people’s blogs, doing other peoples courses, reading other peoples books.

Don’t get me wrong, consumption is VITAL to your success.

But the mix is usually wrong.

You’re spending 95% of the time consuming and 5% creating.

The big thing here is that you only get PAID when you CREATE.

You don’t get paid when you read someone else’s book.

You don’t get paid when you do someone else’s course.

You grow and you learn – but if you need to grow YOUR business, then YOU need to CREATE.

So my advice for you today is watch how much you CREATE this week.

And from now on be aware of how much you create vs consume.

The next time you’re on that really interesting marketing blog, slap yourself and go write and promote your own great blog (and be rewarded for it).

To an amazing week,