Nothing happens without honest reflection. Each year I utilise this time to reflect on the year that was and to align to the year that will be. It’s important to look back before we look forward because when examined, your 2017 will reflect your intentions, behaviours and any limitations you carried. When put under the spotlight, in the most honest way possible, who you were in 2017 and what that created, holds the insight you need to ensure that in 2018 you continue to grow into the highest vision you hold for yourself.

In this episode we move through strategy sessions with clients, interviewing Janine Allis founder of Boost Juice, exclusive boardroom sessions with our VIP members and Member dinners… all of which centre around the theme of reflecting on 2017 to set up 2018.

To borrow a simple yet profound formula from one of my favourite books, Principles by Ray Dalio:

Pain + Reflection = Growth.

Questions to reflect on for 2017…

Who was I in 2017?
Where did I show up as my best self?
What did that enable to do and achieve?
Where did I not show up as my best self?
What did this cost me?
In future, how can I better realise my true potential?

And looking ahead to 2018…

Who am I?
What brings me joy?
What makes me curious?
What is the impact I want to have?
How can I better realise my full potential?
What could I chose to create in order for my life to be a true expression of who I am?

Answer those questions and build from there.

In the comments below, what is your NUMBER ONE lesson from 2017. See you there 😉


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