One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner is not investing enough time, energy or resources into building a robust online presence – without it, you risk jeopardising your business’ credibility, the trust you build with consumers, and your bottom-line.

You’ll have heard me talk about the importance of being visible online, achieving recency and frequency, and engaging with your audience. But with so many channels and avenues available to us, the online world is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to navigate.

I’m so excited to have partnered with PayPal Australia, who have recently commissioned some research on why it’s never been more important to build a comprehensive multi-channel digital presence, for the latest episode of The Jack Delosa Podcast.

Listen along to my conversation with PayPal Australia’s Head of Business Marketing, Vanessa Lennon, as she sheds some light on what small-to-medium business owners need to know when it comes to building a successful online business, including:

•  Why close to one-quarter of online shoppers (23%) said they find it hard to trust companies who don’t have an active online presence (an active presence could be anything from active social media channels to a recently updated website or marketplace profile)

•  The future of online shopping – more than 40% of Australian online shoppers believe that it will be critical for companies to offer multiple ways to buy online such as website, marketplace and selling on social media

•  The importance of building trust with the consumer, and why more than one-third of online shoppers (37%) agree that if a business doesn’t have a website or they can’t find online, then they are “old-fashioned” or “dodgy.”

Listen to the full episode here: How A Seamless Online Experience Can Drive Growth In 2019 (And Beyond) // feat. PayPal Australia

And to dive into the research that PayPal is commissioning for Australian businesses in some more detail, head to PayPal Stories – I do encourage you to do this, the data coming out of PayPal currently is fascinating, and so valuable for small-to-medium business owners everywhere to grasp.