There are many things that are impressive with Chani Carroso. Firstly, she won gold when representing Australia at the Natural Olympia in America, taking out the world title. She is a registered anaesthetic nurse, has a certificate in Nutrition & Health Coaching and she currently runs a business all by herself that boasts over 19,000 followers on Instagram already (and she only launched 24 months ago).  Needless to say, when it comes to hard work and dedication, Chani doesn’t shy away.

After training and focusing on eating fresh, healthy organic food to win the world title, Chani realised that her life was beginning to fall into place as she was in the best shape of her life. Immediately she knew this was something that she needed to share with others.

This lead to her launching her health business, Healthy Peach in February 2014. Chani now offers her clients culinary services Australia wide. With the aim of educating people on how to make beneficial lifestyle and food choices that they can carry for the rest of their life, so that they are living their best life possible.

We were fortunate enough to have a chat with Chani to discuss how important it is to have passion and drive to make your dream a reality.

Tell us about the Vision and Mission behind ‘Healthy Peach’.
This will not just be a temporary fix but a permanent lifestyle change for the better. You will be educated on healthy, naturally occurring habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You will be able to integrate it into your family’s lifestyle and pass it onto your loved ones. Building a healthy relationship with food is our goal for you, so you can say goodbye to yo-yo dieting for good. Healthy Peach will educate, guide you and be by your side every step of the way on your new journey to optimal wellness.

You’ve got such a strong Instagram following after only 24 months. What’s your advice for building a strong following?
I certainly struggled with my Instagram in the start up phase, I couldn’t seem to get the engagement or the following I was after that I knew would help my business expand. In fact, I struggled with this for a very long time only having about 5000 followers up until  around September last year, and then that’s when it was as though it all happened at once and very quickly, and I felt like I finally found my secret. I took on what The Entourage said to do and I began to change the way I posted.

I stopped trying to think too hard about what I had to post next, and I just started posting photos of my real life happenings, thoughts and feelings. Food I was eating, exercise I was doing, things I was struggling with, awesome companies, food and recipes I had found, a little bit of educational posts here and there (when a client would ask an awesome question this inspired me to post about the answer), memes and photos I found super funny – I call them ‘lolz’, and the most important part… only 10% of my posts are sales. This is my big secret.

People don’t follow you to see what you have to sell them, they follow you for inspiration and motivation. Second secret, I’m always logged in to my business account never my personal account. I’ll jump onto my personal account maybe once a week and check out what my friends are up to and maybe post something about what I’m up to… but business is always first.

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What have been your biggest challenges since starting your business?
A big challenge I faced was struggling to cope with all the work that needed to be done to try and get it of the ground and soaring. I was always told starting a business was difficult, and I completely agree.

What have been your biggest wins since starting your business?
1. Designing and making my own website and having people ask me where I had it done.

2. Being recognised by people I have never met before.

3. Launching my largest program yet this year and meeting my goal number of clients and watching my newsletter subscription number grow every week.

What advice do you wish you were told at the beginning of your journey that you would pass onto other entrepreneurs?
I wish someone told me I would literally be working 70+ hours a week on this. I kind of knew there was going to be hard work put into it behind-the-scenes, but you literally work all day and all night. When you’re not working, you’re thinking about it, and when you’re not thinking about it, you’re dreaming about it and when you’re not dreaming about it, you’re dead. So… be prepared to put your blood sweat and tears into it for a long time, IF you want it to really work. Be really ready.

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