As entrepreneurs need to be able to do a lot with very little. It’s not uncommon to be live life on shoestring budget while trying to find ways to maximise our creative and productive output.

I remember the days when I would wake, eat, work and sleep in the same little room. My life was literally captured in that one singular environment. In that one environment, sitting at an Ikea table, I would email, make sales calls, strategise, write content, shoot video content, read books and blogs, code and everything else in between.

At the time I thought that I was being efficient because I never had to actually spend time moving from place to place and could get more done. I could just move from task to task, feeling busy and telling myself I was being a great entrepreneur. It didn’t matter that I was miserable, had low energy and was often uninspired.

After four very long years working and living this way I finally realised this concept of being busy in the one location was flawed. 

To draw on an analogy here: Doing everything from the one environment would be the equivalent of a world-class chef taking phone calls, sending emails, studying recipes, writing books, planning meals, prepping and cooking dishes all in the same little kitchen. I can tell you, this is not the way Jamie Oliver operates.

The reason I bring this up is I know a lot of you are working in your business like I was, you’re grinding and hustling hard in a tiny little room somewhere, feeling exhausted and alone. So today I want to share a very powerful concept around environments and how you can get more out of you and your business each and every day.

In order to do our best work we need to create specific environments that allow us to be as productive as possible when working on the specific tasks at hand. For example you should have a different environment when you’re reading, emailing, writing blog content or developing strategy.

When you operate this way you’re less distracted, you bring in new energy that will help you stay focused and enable you to be creative when you need to be. You’d be surprised at just how much of a difference this one change will impact your business and life.

So in order to give this a go for yourself, here are a few ideas that might help you take the first step in setting up your ‘environments’ so you can start to see for yourself the power they can have:

1. Email:  Try doing these at your current desk or at a local cafe.

2. Reading: Find an uncluttered, calm and quite area. It could be at the beach or local park, or if you want to stay in the confides of your home, perhaps it’s on your balcony, or a chair in the corner of your bedroom.

3. Whiteboard strategy sessions: A relatively large open space to help with thought patterns. Move around the apartment/house/office. I actually have my whiteboard down in the garage, because it’s away from everything else, has a lot of space and allows me to think without distractions.

4. Phone calls: Get a headset for your phone and then make sure you can stand and move around so you’re dynamic. Make your calls standing and watch the enhancement in your voice tone and mood.

5. Writing: Open spaces are great for writing. Outdoors can be a great place for inspiration. Again if you need to remain indoors, select a space that is different to the others. I often found myself writing from my kitchen when I started utilising the power of environments.

6. Family time: Go to an area and make it device free. No distractions such as phones, TVs or computers. As a father of two, this one change in my life has made one of the most dramatic changes in my life.

Like everything in business and life, the trick is to spend some time and make a plan of the various environments and different tasks you’ll complete when in those spaces. Think about what it is you want to achieve in each of the various tasks required in life and then find an appropriate environment for each.

When you begin to align your work and life in this manner you’ll be surprised at just how much more productive you are and also the quality of work you produce.

When you live life with purpose it’s important that for each small chunk of time you’re working on a specific project or task that your 100% focused on. This is where the world of environments works very well.

Today, I highly advise that you take some time to plan out some places you can set up environments to help you produce your best work. Start with 15 minutes to plan out your places for tomorrow and go from there.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, post what environments you’re currently using that might inspire others to take action.