How are you leveraging Pinterest as a platform to best serve your business?

Pinterest may seem like just a playground for inspiring images but it can be utilised as so much more, as a legitimate platform for businesses to leverage their content online and build a strong, impactful reach.

Pinterest has fast become one of the number one referral sites with their users more likely to purchase in higher quantities. With over 320,000 users in Australia, it is certainly not a platform to be ignored.

You can quickly implement the below tips to see immediate improvements.

1. SEO optimisation
This is probably one of the most important reasons to use Pinterest.

Things to consider include optimising your page’s about section. Use the 200 character limit to be descriptive, and remember to think about keywords. Make sure you include your website link!

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You can also incorporate hashtags into your descriptions for visibility, and use as back linking where relevant and appropriate.

Also, think about Keyword inclusions, e.g. in your Board titles!

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2. Implement the Hover Pin It Button to your pages
The Hover Pin It Button is a simple and effective way to implement instantly! The button appears over your images on your blog or website when a user mouses over them!

This is a really clear CTA to your users and fans and a reminder to spread the word via social media about who you are and what you do.

3. Have a clear vision
At the end of the day, Pinterest is an aesthetically driven social media platform. You need to be mindful about how you present your brand in a way that is aspirational and inspired your fans and followers to click and share.

Some ways to do this include:

– Have a clearly laid out “Board” strategy.
– Use infographics, as these are some of the most shared images on the platform.
– Leverage your existing content from your website to make your collateral work hard for you.
– Theming your content based on seasonality and trends.
– Utilise Rich Pins.

The Rich Pins functionality on Pinterest lets you add topic-specific details depending on your industry.  For example, you can use Article Pins if you are a publisher and want to include the headline, author, story description, and link or if you are a retailer you can use Product Pins to include real-time pricing and availability.

It’s important to remember not to underestimate the effect of Pinterest. Follow these steps and get greater reach for your online content.