When you start a business that provides a solution to a problem, you can be confident that you have already found a strong foundation.

That is exactly what Amanda Gould, founder of HighSpec Properties has bought to her clients.

The company are expert buyers agents that take the pain, hassle and time out of buying Sydney real estate.

Going the extra mile for their clients, Amanda takes them through shortlisted properties & once they find the clients perfect property, liaise with their solicitor, organise the necessary reports to give an evaluation price and then negotiate on behalf of their clients.

With a team of 3, Amanda has gained amazing traction for the business being the first niche in selling to developers making $67,000 on her first deal and has only grown since then. Also, a significant week was July last year when buying 3 residential properties for clients making $78,000 in just one week.

Amanda has doubled the business every year since launching, and in the next year is looking to double turnover again as well as establish premises in the Eastern suburbs.

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With the challenges people are facing in securing property in the current Sydney market, Amanda is offering a glimmer of hope for clients, saying that “We consider it our mission to save people from the stress, time drain and money during a property search, we are on your side and work to protect you when you are buying a home.”

We sat down with Amanda to discuss the incredible growth of HighSpecs Properties.

What inspired you to start HighSpec Properties?
Have been purchasing property for 28yrs & have experienced all the frustrations & challenges. Many friends and acquaintances ask me for help whenever purchasing property, the natural progression was into The Buyers Agent arena which allows me to help my client’s purchase their own ‘slice of Sydney’ without the hassle.

Instagram @sydney_buyers_agent

Instagram @sydney_buyers_agent

What has been one of the biggest challenges you have faced since starting your business?
Dealing with a dishonest developer who underpaid me by $35,000 (which is a lot to a small business). I managed to overcome this by accepting the lower commission I was paid and ensuring I prequalify developers & had all my necessary paperwork up  to date to make sure that this does not happen again.

How do you conquer moments of doubt?
I try to focus on being grateful for what I’ve achieved in such a short amount of time & remember how many people I’ve helped get their ideal property.

Before starting at The Entourage, what aspect of business were you finding with most challenging? Which workshop did you find particularly beneficial for this?
Before I started I was struggling with marketing, so I really enjoyed the workshops that focused on marketing and always interested in new ideas to grow my business from a sales point of view.

What impact has The Entourage and our community had on you and your business?
The Entourage has had a massive impact! Being around like-minded people to bounce ideas off and I have found the one to one advisory session to have been priceless. I have implemented so many changes from workshops and the one on one sessions, two major changes were a website overhaul and my sales pitch in marketing.

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