One of the biggest marketing mistakes you can make is obsessing over the number of social media followers your business has.

Yes, building a social following will help grow your business. But what is more important is attracting the right followers. 10,000 engaged followers is far more valuable than a disengaged community of 1 million.

In the most recent episode of The Jack Delosa Podcast, I chat with Jules Lund, Founder of influencer marketing platform Tribe, to get his insights on the influencer trends that are set to explode this year, and some golden advice on how to ‘hack’ the elusive newsfeed algorithm.

Make sure you listen to the full episode to learn:

•    Why the quality of content you can get from influencers is just as important as the reach
•    The future of influencer marketing: where it is going and how you can get ahead
•    Why you need to stop obsessing over followers, and start obsessing over engagement
•    Little known tips and tricks that will help you get your content seen in the newsfeed

Listen to the full episode here: Influencer Marketing: Why 10,000 Followers Is The New 1 Million // Jules Lund (Founder of Tribe)