A first for #AskJackD today – Peter Davison, seed investor in PayPal joins me to take your questions.

3:35 – Who pitched to Peter from the PayPal founders and what got him over the line to invest?

15:20 – Hey J and P! I really want to know from both of you what your vision of the future was like in the early days of operating, what has come to fruition and what has completely surprised you.

19:25 – What are your thoughts about Elon Musk and what he is achieving since Paypal?

28:00 – There’s a lot of debate around whether successful startups – especially in the tech space – just get lucky or whether it’s due to hardwork. What’s your opinion on this? Does luck play a key part in the success of a business?

35:00 – Hey Jack! It would be great if both of you chatted and compared his notes on workplace culture and of course your views around leadership.

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