For those of you who have been following me for a while, you’ll have heard me discuss how I view entrepreneurship as a spiritual endeavour – because entrepreneurship is ultimately about creation.

And as my businesses have grown, so too has my journey to discover and dig deeper into spirituality, soul and purpose.

I wholeheartedly believe that spirituality and entrepreneurship are on the same spectrum – and when an entrepreneur can tap into their intuition, higher self and sense of purpose, it can be their secret weapon for success.

My latest guest on The Jack Delosa Podcast has been an incredible guide, source of knowledge and support for me as I’ve navigated this intersection of spirituality and entrepreneurship.

Helen Jacobs, author of the book, You Already Know, speaker and psychic, has been my soul guide for over the past year. In this episode, she discusses:

●  The practices and advice for aligning with your intuition, learning how to interpret it (even when it does not make sense), and finding the courage to follow it
●  How spirituality invites business owners to look inwards so we can grow and change our mindset, emotions and energy
●  And the power you’ll find in seeking stillness, silence and space.

With the end of the year, and the opportunity to reflection, fast approaching, there’s no better time to bring this conversation to the forefront.

Listen to the full episode here: Is Spirituality The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Secret Weapon? // Helen Jacobs

Watch the full interview on my YouTube channel.

As you listen, I encourage you to lean in, keep an open mind, and walk away from the episode with at least 1 action you can take to tap into your spirituality.