You are bound for greatness, and if you are kicking goals right now there’s even more that you can do which you are not.

How do I know this? It’s because it doesn’t matter who you are and what you are achieving, there is always something bigger that people would like to achieve but it scares you a little so you choose to play safe.

It could simply be just the fear of failing, the fear of looking bad in front of peers, the fear of losing money, the fear of the unknown, the fear of not knowing how to… the list goes on!

Oprah once said, “It doesn’t matter how successful you are, you still have challenges and still have fears, they are just at a different capacity.”

Richard Branson said, “Problems are always there, it’s more about how you handle them.”

What if you had the power to tap into the fear of your success and use it as a way to leverage your growth?

Most of your success to date has come exactly from that, but perhaps on a smaller scale?

You have taken opportunities before where you have felt the fear yet pushed through  anyway. You’ve taken chances before, and to ensure the success, you gathered the required knowledge to help you succeed.

So now, for a moment, fast forward 10 years and answer these questions:

“What is my ultimate goal?”

“What do I really want to achieve with this business, what is the ultimate goal that scares me and I’m even a little embarrassed to share it with anyone?” (It’s the “I’m embarrassed to share it” part that’s important here)

When I’m working with an entrepreneur and ask them that question, I really want them to feel comfortable with knowing I won’t laugh, and that I WANT to hear it.

Why? Because this is the direction they should be heading, but most are going the long way around due to fear.

Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME, I’ve asked that question it has fit into my ‘Dream Big/Play Big’ strategy model.

This model focuses on: market, mindset and strategy

To break it down for you:

1. Is there a market? Is there a market out there that really needs your idea? Are you finding a solution to a big problem? Is there a big enough demographic? Will it make an impact that will result in financial return?

2. Work on your mindset. Think about how you can start grooming yourself, your thoughts and your beliefs. Ask yourself who you need to start modelling. Consider what you should be learning from, listening to and reading, in order  to stay in the mindset of “I CAN”.

3. Get a kick ass strategy. Even the best business ideas can flop if the wrong strategy is put in place. Seek help from people who know and who have experience in successful business development.

….and then remember: mindset, mindset, mindset, keep telling yourself that you can do it!

I interviewed Jodie Fox from Shoes of Prey who has built a multi-million dollar global shoe business . When I asked her about her biggest hurdle in business she answered:  “My biggest challenge in business had nothing to do with the business development, it was always my thoughts I had to manage from the moment I started up to even today.”

So what if you were to strip aside the ego for a moment ask yourself what are you really holding yourself back from?

Mindset is everything. Everything starts with a thought. The power of your thoughts and the ability to control your mind will have the greatest impact on your performance.

Keep kicking goals!