Many people have innate talents. But it’s what you do with these talents, and your dedication to pursuing them that makes the difference.

Elite athletes are one of the finest examples of what can be achieved with the right combination of discipline and talent.

In fact, I believe the fundamental principles and rituals that enable an athlete to reach a heightened level of success can be integrated into any area of your life or business.

I recently recorded an episode for my podcast with my good friend and Olympic gold medalist Michael Klim. In it, we dissect the rituals he employed to reach and perform on the world stage of sport, and how you can apply them to create a successful life for yourself.

This Australian legend is a former world-record holder, has won six Olympic medals, including two golds, and 11 Commonwealth medals.

In this episode you’ll learn:

•   The exact lifestyle and training rituals Michael Klim employed to become an Olympic champion – and how these apply to achieve success in business

•   4 non-negotiable elements of building a lifestyle by design

•   A system for moving past fear and performing in high-pressure environments

Click here: The Life-Changing Elite Performance Habits of Olympic Swimming Champion // Michael Klim