LinkedIn’s latest product innovation is set to be a game changer for entrepreneurs around the globe.

Called ProFinder, the tool connects customers looking for specific projects or products with qualified professionals who have proven track records- vetted by both the quality of their profile and by the ProFinder team.

The best bit for now? It’s completely free for all users.

While ProFinder’s offering is in a similar vein to the host of platforms popping up that service the “gig-economy” market like Freelancer, Thumbtack, Fiverr and Airtasker, the platform’s new offering has positioned itself to service quality clients with quality talent, which has been a sticking point for competitors.

LinkedIn boasts a community of over 420 million members in 200 countries, so the potential global reach for entrepreneurs who act quickly to touch an untapped market is promising.

Ostersund, Sweden -August 3, 2014: Linkedin website under a magnifying glass. Linkedin is a business oriented social networking website.

How can you use this tool to grow your business and generate valuable, warm leads straight to your LinkedIn inbox?

1. Make your LinkedIn profile world class. In depth and visible evidence is important in this instance, and first impressions really do count.
2. Make sure you have recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients and colleagues to write detailed references for you, and be sure to return the favour!
3. Cross marketing opportunities. How can you leverage work with potential clients to gain maximum exposure? Think about testimonials, social media opportunities or collaborative projects as a starting point.
4. Use ProFinder to clarify/identify your client base. If you’re unsure of exactly who your customer is, this is a great way to identify what kind of leads you are generating and gives you an opportunity to pivot your strategy if you need to.
5. Response time. Set the standard for how you deliver your work, clearly outline what you can offer and ask the right questions about the project.

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