The advice we’re going to share today might go against everything you’ve been taught about business.

As entrepreneurs, we’re hardwired for growth.

It’s seemingly in our DNA to want to achieve ‘more’ and settling for ‘good enough’ just isn’t in our vocabulary.

In fact, the questions I’m asked by business owners the most are: How do I get more clients? How do I make new sales? How do I increase profit? How do I get more time?

Surprisingly, the answer to growing your business is actually getting comfortable with turning customers away (yes, you’re reading that correctly).

It might sound crazy, but the reality is, by trying to speak to and sell to everybody you often end up speaking to nobody.

Instead, in order to win more customers, you need to get laser-focused on your ideal customer and master the art of speaking directly to them.

One of the people who has pioneered this approach is Marie Forleo (Founder of B-School), who I recently had the opportunity to interview on my podcast.

In the latest episode, Marie shares her counterintuitive take on acquiring, and equally importantly, retaining her customers.

What I love about Marie, is her innate ability to codify her brand’s magic, into actionable takeaways that any business owner could implement and see results.

In this episode Marie shares:

1. A unique, yet highly effective approach, for acquiring your ideal customers, and actively preventing the wrong people from buying your products or services.

2. How to retain more customers and create hoards of loyal fans by doing one thing most businesses overlook.

3. The techniques she uses to turn pieces of copy into ‘rocket fuel’ for her business – you can use these even if copywriting ‘is not your thing’.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of the depth of learnings you’ll get from this podcast.

It’s one of my absolute favourite interviews to date, so make sure you listen to the full episode here.

Listen now: Marie Forleo’s Counter-intuitive Approach to Winning and Retaining More Customers