With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we are taking the time to stop and reflect on the specific challenges that parents who are entrepreneurs face when it comes to running their businesses.

We sat down with some Melody Jarvis from The Entourage community to get her insights into how being a mother and a parent has informed her approach to their work!

What’s your name and your business?

Melody Jarvis, Director at Shop My Town . Shop My Town is a movement I created to drive sales to bricks and mortar business in my region through digital marketing. My vision is to save Australian small towns for the future of our kids.

How many children do you have?

I have three – Eli, 6, Evie 4, & Seth 20 months

How has being a mother prepared you for business and shaped your approach?

I’m super efficient and tolerant, and I know how to handle tantrums! The main thing that helps with being a mother, is the valuation of my time. I’ve heard of other Entrepreneurs having stickers on their computer saying “Is this worth $1000 an hour?”.

I always think “Is this worth an hour of cuddles with my baby?” and it drives me really hard. I worked from home for 2 years, and when I went full time to make my business happen, I set a 12 month insanity limit, where I would push extremely hard for 12 months, while the children would be young enough to forget it. I hit my goal on the dot – signing a national distributor at exactly the 12 month mark. I’ll be able to spend less hours at work now.

What advice do you have for other Mumpreneurs?

When you start a business, it may be your chance to reassess the normal expectations of motherhood. A lot of mums try to run a business while doing everything in the home, and it broke me. Everyone has to pull together, and you may need to hire some outside help.

The highest value should be placed on having a peaceful home, and then look at the things you can outsource. We battle with mother guilt, but when you are growing your business, it’s huge growth time personally. I have found it really great to reassess what being the mother means, and discover what my kids and husband value the most about me, rather than assuming they crave a perfect tidy house. Love big & work smart!

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