The world of fashion is a competitive, creative and exciting one. These five entrepreneurs are quickly making their mark and we’ve been lucky enough to follow their journey as they grow and start to put their unique stamp on the local and international industry.

Your Closet  – Briella Brown 

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What young entrepreneur Briella Brown is setting out to achieve in the fashion world is so perfectly summed up in her own words, “providing incredible Cinderella moments to women across Australia”.

Briella’s company, Your Closet, has been going from strength to strength, providing a place for women to rent luxury high end dresses, to help make those special events that much more special. The amazing part? These women can rent these dresses for just a fraction of the retail price.

Since starting her company in 2014, Briella is already partnering with some of Australia’s premier designers. With already over 8,000 followers on Instagram Briella is cementing herself as one to watch in this growing trend of clothes renting, taking advantage of the shift towards a sharing economy.

Briella is as passionate about being an entrepreneur as she is about fashion. Enjoying the fact that each day she can live her life on purpose, creating for herself the lifestyle that she truly wants.  

Some of the best advice that Briella has learnt so far on her journey is that, “no never means no, it is just not right now”. With that in mind, we know that Briella won’t be backing down and will continue to push her company towards her goals and vision, making this young entrepreneur one to watch.

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Muse & Lyrics – Vi Nguyen 


Vi’s entrepreneurial adventure began at age five with a strawberry shortcake toy sewing machine and Barbie as her first client. Since then, she’s been unstoppable. Her beautiful label ‘Muse & Lyrics’ is an expression of Rock’n’Roll and has been created for the “confident female who cannot be tamed”.  Vi has a passion for history, film and rock stars, she has used fashion as her medium of expression to bring to life what she imagines and what inspires her.

With a vision to be the symbol of hope for generations to come, Vi is planning in 5 years to be stocked in over 30 countries. With plenty of challenges thrown her way, Vi continues to push through and educate herself to grow her brand and reach her goals.

One of those goals was having her first runway show in November 2014 at the trade-show in Las Vegas, an international photoshoot in New York, as well as travelling to Vietnam to start production. Showing that Vi now firmly has her foot in the fashion door, building up her brand, reputation and following.

Vi’s best piece of advice to pass on to fellow entrepreneurs is to believe in yourself, learn fast, fail forward and don’t give up, any progress no matter how small is progress towards your goals and dreams.

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Stylerunner – Julie Stevanja 

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It goes without saying that Julie Stevanja’s company Stylerunner is firmly securing it’s place in the fashion world as one to watch. In just the past three years Stylerunner has been listed on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ‘Rising Star’ list, on the BRW Fast Starter List and grew their revenue by 1736%.

Co-founder, Julie Stevanja says that this is just the beginning for Stylerunner as they continue to grow their team and expand their international reach in the next 12 months. With already a loyal Instagram following of over 400k, Stylerunner has shipped to over 100 countries internationally.

Julie credits the company’s strong social media following to their authentic approach to marketing: “We love sharing photos of our customers, the real community who are buying our products, rather than just using air brushed campaigns. For us it’s always been about having a two-way conversation through social media rather than pushing a marketing message”.

Julie believes that it is crucial to be passionate about the product that you are offering and bringing your consumers the absolute best experience possible. This kind of approach and passion shows that Stylerunner won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

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IdentifYYourself – Glenn Livingstone 


Glenn Livingstone is making big moves in the world of men’s fashion.

Glenn built the brand identifYYourself (IDY), to be more than just a clothing label, it is a clothing label that encourages people to “identify themselves” with “something good” – stylish clothes that have been ethically produced.

The manufacturing process of Glenn’s label is one of the things that makes it go that extra mile for it’s customers and prove that it genuinely cares. IDY uses only an ethical manufacturing processes as well as sustainable fabrics. As Glenn says, they are “continuously stirring, never satisfied. Creating pure art, inspiring the uninspired. Pushing it to the edge.”

The label also carries a strong focus on allowing people to be completely raw, unapologetic and effortlessly “kool” for the modern day man. Providing a vehicle for men to be their truest and highest self.

Glenn’s passion for his label and for encouraging people to be unapologetically themselves is electric, pushing himself to the forefront of stylish men’s mind.

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Generation Outcast Clothing – Paris Marchant & Lawrence Lees 

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Since starting in December 2014, Paris and Lawrence, co-founders of Generation Outcast Clothing, are at the forefront of a rapidly growing fashion empire that is getting worldwide recognition.  

Starting off selling clothes and bikinis at the Glebe Markets in Sydney, the fashion pair now have over 170,000 followers on Instagram and recently received an Instagram endorsement from Kylie Jenner who boasts an incredible 40.5 million followers, and then again by her mum Kris Jenner who has 9 million followers. Providing the couple with an incredible PR opportunity that most fashion start ups can only dream of.

Their vision and mission is to become a household name around the world which they are well on their way to achieving. They aim to empower and inspire Gen Z to be the very best version of themselves.

Some of the best advice that the couple have received while going on their fashion venture was to stay focused and stay positive, and we are positive that you will be hearing a lot more about this fashion power couple in the years to come.

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