Sales and public speaking… these are the two things entrepreneurs consistently tell me they fear. Both will act as a barrier to your growth if you let them.

Today I’m joined by sales expert, Petar Lackovic, who has helped his clients generate over $1 billion revenue, to help you move past this…

We take these questions:
2:31 – I’ve never sold a thing in my life, I’m not a natural salesperson but I’m the only person in my business at the moment so I need to start bringing in new clients. What can I do to improve?

9:48 – How do you accurately identify customer behaviours to inform your sales strategy?

15:44 – What is the biggest sales mistake that you constantly see business owners make?

19:11 –  Pete & Jack, you both have such a strong stage presence, what tips can you give me help me become a better public speaker?



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