Get to your nearest bomb shelter ladies and gents, some serious knowledge bombs are headed your way…

Did you know from 2000-2006, the average margin of victory at the annual PGA Championships was 1.71 strokes – less than half a stroke per day.

Not much right?

Not until you look at the difference in prize money.

The winner took home $600,057 more on average the the second place-getter.

Six hundred thousand dollars.

That’s a house.

Here’s another example.

According to 212 Degrees, during the last 10 years, the average difference between 1st place and 2nd place at the Indy 500 has been 1.54 seconds.

Again, a tiny difference.

But the gold medal took home $1,278,813 while the 2nd place finisher took home $621,321.

First place is rarely SIGNIFICANTLY better than number two.

Often they are just a little bit better.

They go that extra mile.

And they are rewarded disproportionately for it.

What would your business be like if you stayed up that extra 15 minutes to finish something at 2am?

What would your sales look like if you made that 6th follow-up call to a prospect who has turned you down five times already?

What would your team be like if you invested just a little bit more time training them right during induction?

Every day you have opportunities to go the extra mile.

To be a peak performer.

Losers ‘can’t be bothered’.

Winners also ‘can’t be bothered’, but they do it anyway because they know that’s the difference between good and great.

That’s the difference between you taking home $1.2M or $600k from the exact same race.


Before the end of this week you will have multiple opportunities to go the extra mile.

Pick ONE moment this week to step it up.

Whether it’s an extra follow-up call to a prospect, whether it’s staying up another 10 minutes when you’re tired, or writing a handwritten card for a strategic partner who helped you out.

Let me know what you’re going to do this week to go the extra mile in the comments – I would love to hear about your results.