In the words of Isaac Newton, one of the ways to be successful is by “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Not everything we create in business is entirely new. Instead we create improved iterations of work that others have created or we take ideas from other industries and sectors and apply them to our own.

At Zambrero, compelled by the vision of our founder Dr Sam Prince, we call this research into those who have come before us ‘Project Hammer’. Why? Because when you hold a hammer in your hand, everything looks like a nail. Those who have come before us and done what we are about to do, know how to hit every nail in front of them.

It’s also vital to understand the notion of a ‘Broken Hammer’ as those who have been successful may not always provide completely accurate reasons about how they achieved success.

Those who have failed have spent many a night lying awake looking at the ceiling wondering where they went wrong. By speaking with these ‘Broken Hammers’ and learning from their mistakes you can sidestep the issues and challenges that broke them.

Triangulation is vital when undertaking Project Hammer. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, experiences, religions and education. Naturally we look at the world through the bias of these unique elements.

That is why when asking ‘Hammers’ and ‘Broken Hammers’ for advice or solutions you must ask more than one person. Once at least three people have agreed with your approach or have repeated the same answer, then you know you’re on the right path.

Sure, you might argue that by asking many in order to triangulate you are going with the dogmatic approach of society. However that is why you need to be careful when selecting the people you speak to. Ensure the ‘Hammers’ are people who are continuously challenging the status quo, instead of just taking the well-worn path.