This episode follows me on a much needed meditation retreat and back into the hustle and bustle of life in the week that follows.

As some of you may know I usually take a week of each quarter in order to reconnect and recharge. However, after a turbulent 2016 that demanded a lot,
I was out of that routine and hadn’t paused for too long. This meditation retreat was for some much needed rejuvenation and also was the perfect time and space to reflect on the past, and realign to the path ahead. It’s incredible to see the difference from the beginning of this ep to the end.

Upon returning to Sydney recharged and ready to go, we move through board meetings, a book launch, an episode of AskJackD, a Sales Masterclass with 100 entrepreneurs and finally an alumni BBQ get together on the Sunday. My absolute perfect week.

It took us a minute to really find the rhythm and the authenticity in Unscripted, however I think we’re starting to get there. This may be my favourite piece of content we’ve ever put out. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Dream out loud,
JD xo


Music Credits

Lakey Inspired – I Found Me
Lakey Inspired – Me 2
Lilo Key – Somebody Like Me
Lakey Inspired – The Process
Marc Vinyls – Look
Lakey Inspired – Chill Day