It’s often hard to know where and when to look under the dashboard of your business to analyse and evaluate your data to inform your decision-making process. 

In today’s day and age, utilising intelligent data is paramount to both identifying opportunities in your business to grow as well as where you can become more efficient. 

We spoke to the experts at HubOne, whose analytics platform PowerBI gives a powerful, single view insight into the most critical of your data to give you the inside tips into why harnessing this untapped resource is essential. 

1. Get clear insights on your data
Which ever reporting software you use to gain access to your data, having a single overview on your business trends is important to quickly pick up on trends and opportunities. 

2. See your business in real time
From Cash Flow to Profitability to the outcome of the latest marketing campaign, it’s important to use tools that gives you immediate insight into where you are and how things are tracking. This is something that PowerBI does powerfully and executes very well. 

3. Be able to share your statistics in the coffee shop
How many times have you been asked how things are going, from a coach, a mentor or even an investor? You can impress all of them with real-time data, on your smartphone, at your fingertips. It’s important to have regular, real-time health checks into how your business is really tracking to make informed decisions. 

4. Enhance your data with external sources, make fast decisions
If you can see instantly how many hipsters love your coffee, how many PayPal customers check in at your business or how you fare against your nearest competitor, by leveraging your data, coupled with public data in real time you are able to pivot your strategy or forge ahead with what is working. 

5. Turn your data into knowledge
Advanced visualisations will show your data as charts, graphs, word clouds, text and more; meaning you get to the source of truth faster.

6. With you everyday, every hour and every minute
Your data changes all the time, using advanced analytics, you can get access to information, every second of the day.

7.  Get Funded or achieve an exit
The entrepreneur who knows their data, knows their numbers and knows their business is the one who gets the exit or the funding over their competition. Don’t scramble for data, give your investors a real time live view on your business, in your terms. Accelerate your funding and close an exit round faster with awesome analytics. 

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