This week three of our past and current Scalable & Saleable members were listed on Anthill Magazine’s 30Under30 Entrepreneurs List for 2015, and four more received an honourable mention. Congratulations to Jordan D’Urbano, Abbey Cameron, Mariana Fataccioli, Akshaya Borkar, Angelica Nohra, Nidal Rasheed and Barry Magliarditi. Your dedication to living lives on purpose, and creating meaningful businesses that impact the lives of others deserves to be recognised.

When celebrating this recognition, remember, while making this list is a great feat, what is more important is the path you have taken to get here. I know that behind this achievement would have been many more challenges. Reflect on the roadblocks you overcame to get to this point. It is your determination and your courage that should be celebrated.

The most important part of business for me has always been challenging and enabling our community to do their life’s best work and accomplish what even they once thought impossible. Nothing makes me happier than seeing members of our community exemplifying the impact of this mission. Well done!

Meet the Community



Name: Jordan D’Urbano
Business: JD Coaching
JD Coaching aims to inspire passion and purpose in children around Australia by teaching them to kick goals in soccer and in life.


Name: Abbey Cameron
Business: Caveman Kitchen
Caveman Kitchen nourishes Brisbane with whole and unprocessed foods, and paleo deliciousness all combined into delivery meals. Abby promises to, “nourish the time poor, eliminate the ‘eat crap or go hungry’ dilemma, and give you your weekends back!”


Name: Mariana Faticolli
Business: Skinny Kitchen
Skinny Kitchen is an online health food and supplement store that helps foodies make healthy eating creative, abundant and sustainable.

Akshaya Borkar

Name: Akshay Borkar
Business: The Art and Craft Gallery
The Craft Gallery, is an online gallery with a twist that makes artists famous, by increasing their online exposure and PR opportunities. Her aim was to build a place where she could be creative, and where others could be just as crazy and outlandish as they wanted to be.

Angelica Norah

Name: Angelica Nohra
Business: Direct Wine Cellars
DWC promises to bring a little bit of Tuscan flair straight to your table by providing Australia with great quality Italian wine at affordable prices.

Nidal Rasheed

Name: Nidal Rasheed
Business: Silvertail Property Group
Silvertail Property Investors is dedicated to educating and assisting everyday Australians to achieve long term wealth through smart property investing.


Name: Barry Magliarditi
Business: The Game Changers
Through The Game Changers, Barry coaches business owners and entrepreneurs to win and master their ‘Inner Game’. He helps them to become successful in all areas of their life,by mastering the internal mind-set and mental strategies needed to achieve the best outcomes in life.

Let us know if you want to join a growing community of entrepreneurs who will enable you to build a business that lifts you higher.