I was told when I was young that my success in life would come from one of two things, desperation or inspiration. I loved hearing that because at the age of 16 I already had a lot of both.

Desperation in that I had a serious dissatisfaction with the traditional education system and was already developing a violent internal protest from feeling like I was standing on a conveyor belt that would soon box me into the standard career path as if I was an involuntary participant on a perfectly engineered production line.

And inspiration… well, I had that covered because I had the naivety to believe that I could make a difference. Although I had been in business for 6 years by the time we launched our first Unconvention, it felt like the first direct blow to an antiquated education system that still had its collective head buried in the textbooks.

We wanted to shake things up.

Mark Bouris at the Unconvention.

Mark Bouris at the Unconvention.

We wanted to show that our generation wasn’t “lazy, unprofessional and disloyal” like what was being spouted in the media at the time, but given the opportunity to connect with real success stories and learn practical education from people with ‘been there, done that experience’, people of all ages (I hoped) would jump at the opportunity to consume real education. And from that first event, which turned out to be the largest event for young entrepreneurs in Australian history, The Entourage was born.

Now, four short years later, in every major city of the country, we’ve connected over 20,000 early stage business owners with uplifting individuals who have made a living out of challenging the status quo.

People like Mark Bouris who sold Wizard Homeloans for $500m, Scott Farquhar Founder of Atlassian – an Australian software business valued at $3.5 billion, Lisa Messenger (a favourite of mine), the Founder and Editor in Chief at Renegade Collective, Katherine Sampson – Founder of Healthy Habits, Clair Jennifer – Founder of Wombat Fashion, past BRW Young Rich List Member, Ruslan Kogan – Founder of Kogan Technologies, Justine Flynn – Co-Founder of Thankyou Group, and so many more.

Justine Flynn, Co-Founder of Thankyou Group.

Justine Flynn, Co-Founder of Thankyou Group.

Making a Dent

Although this was something that we started, it was something that you grew. From the first event right through until now, it has been our community that has driven the growth of the Unconventions. The rule-breakers who work every day to perfect their craft, challenging the status quo and looking for ways to put a dent in the universe. These are the people who have grown The Entourage.

So this is a quick note to say, “Thanks!”

I am a firm believer in the concept of, ‘What got you to where you are will not get you to where you need to be.’ Although together we have made quite an impact to date, where we are now will pale in significance relative to the dent we will make in the coming years.

I hope to see you there.

Shake the world,