If you’re in the thick of running your small business getting lost in the grind of operations, from customer enquiries to invoicing, marketing and more it’s sometimes hard to find ways to increase productivity or make your life easier.

The question inevitably becomes, how and where can I find the resources I need to help grow my business without spending lots of cash?

In this day and age of smartphones and tablets that integrate into our business operations, we’ve put together our top ten favourite apps that will help your business run smoother and keep you organised and ahead of the game.

1. Pocket
If you’ve ever been in a rush, but have seen something you are keen to read then this is for you. Pocket basically saves videos, articles or whatever else you stumble across online that you can peruse later. You don’t even need an internet connection to view what you’ve saved at the end of the day!

2. Square
If you haven’t heard of this app/piece of amazing tech yet, get on it. Square is a payment app that uses a small, affordable credit and debit card reader to make all of your transactions fast and easy. 

This is a game changer for businesses on the move, or small businesses who don’t want to invest in expensive credit card machines. Square also has a contactless and chip reader for mobile payments like Apple Pay.

3. Slack
Slack is all about organisation and communication streamlining. Slack allows you to organise your team into different conversations based on projects, have private communications and share and retain files like images or documents. 

Slack’s mobile app also allows you to stay up to date on the move and has seen a decrease in internal emails and meetings which has led to a 32% increase in productivity amongst its users across the board.

4. Shoeboxed
This app is all about making it easy for small businesses to keep track of  receipts. The idea behind Shoeboxed is very simple: you send in your paperwork like receipts, business cards (receipts, invoices, business cards etc.) and they scan it in, enter the data and organize it for you.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to do this kind of thing yourself, it’s the perfect way to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything vital.

5. KanbanFlow
Kanban is a web-based app that helps you assign tasks to colleagues, set to-do lists, upload documents and schedule due dates. It also gives you a visual representation of your workflow and eliminates emails that are unnecessary among teams. The best part is that the basic version of the app is free!

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6. Invoice2Go
Invoice 2 Go is a mobile and web app that is designed to make invoicing and expense tracking as simple as possible, with great reporting tools for micro and small business owners. It’s cloud-based, with subscriptions available depending on quantity of invoices and clients.

7. Toggl
Toggl is a timing app that tracks where all of your working hours are spent, which makes it great for small business owners who provide services and track billable hours. You can manage as many projects as you need, view your stats in graphs, export timesheet and more.

8. Nimble
If you have a sizeable or active social media audience, Nimble is an amazing CRM to use! It trawls data from your contact’s social profiles and updates the database as it goes. It also looks at platforms and integrates with Gmail, Hootsuite and more. It is able to analyse who your core customer base is and highlight opportunities to grow your business.

9. Box Brownie
Box Brownie is an online service is the first to give you access to a team of professional photo editing experts. With a range of awesome editing services from real estate listings to deep etching photos for flatly at a reasonable price, this is the app for you!

10. Mindjet
Mindjet is the developer of MindManager, which is a top app that helps you be more efficient in organizing and communicating complex ideas and information via mind mapping and information visualization. Mind mapping, information management and visual planning tools are combined with patented data integration features, to help large teams understand strategy and in-depth ideas in an effective way.