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Having access to capital is often one of the limiting factors when it comes to funding growth for small businesses.

One big problem for small businesses is that most of the traditional lenders don’t design products with small businesses in mind. For many small business owners, seeking funding from banks is a fruitless affair.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Prospa, Australia’s largest online lender to small business.

This partnership will enable business owners to access advice from leading entrepreneurs through our Launch, Build and Scale education programs using an interest free loan from Prospa, instead of a large upfront payment, credit card or expensive personal loan.

While joining us for AskJackD Episode #224, Beau Bertoli, Joint CEO of Prospa said “Education and access to finance are critical components to drive small business success. This partnership levels the playing field for business owners that want to dream big but have put off ongoing business education due to entry costs.”

For more information on Prospa Interest Free Loans for The Entourage’s Launch Build and Scale programs, contact us on 1300 496 488, email [email protected] or visit the Prospa Interest Free Loans Information Page here.

Watch AskJackD Episode #224 with Beau Bertoli, Joint CEO of Prospa below.

Beau and Jack have some great conversations about how to manage cash flow, and the considerations you need to make before raising money to fuel the growth of your business.