A guiding principle in my life is that building a business is a skill. It can be taught.

It’s my mission to help other entrepreneurs build great businesses – like Erez, the owner of The Bishop, a beautiful wine bar in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

The Bishop fell victim to the impacts of a local infrastructure project. To get him through the tough times, Erez took out a PayPal Working Capital Loan, a quick and easy financing solution that gave him back control of his business instantaneously.

Today, Erez is now in a position to grow the business and access his second loan. But PayPal haven’t just lent him the money – this time around, they’ve lent him me so, together, we can navigate the next growth phase of The Bishop.

Check out what we got up to together.

What Is PayPal Working Capital?

“On behalf of entrepreneurs and SMBs everywhere, this is how working capital should be.”

PayPal Working Capital gives business owners the capital they need, when they need it. It’s faster and easier than traditional business loans, because it’s all based on your business’ PayPal Working Capital sales history.

Whether it’s to start, survive or expand, almost every business will need to borrow at one point or another – but research by PayPal Working Capital indicates that 1 in 5 business owners have been declined finance by traditional lenders, so it’s fantastic to see smart and simple solutions like PayPal Working Capital making waves throughout Australia.

For more information on how business owners, like Erez, can access PayPal Working Capital, head here.