When was the last time you truly connected with your vision?

I’m talking about the vision for your life, your business, and your future. What’s the reason behind why you wake up every day and do what you do?

Often the daily demands of running a business cloud our mind and trap us in the small struggles of the day-to-day. When this happens, it becomes increasingly difficult to motivate ourselves.

Taking the time to stop and re-align yourself with the big picture is the key to avoiding this loss of passion and drive.

You need to continuously remind yourself and your team why everything you do is worth it.

“Our sense of motivation is deeply linked to how connected we are to pursuing the purpose we hold for our lives,” says Entourage Founder and CEO, Jack Delosa.

“If you’re lacking motivation in what you do, perhaps you need to ask yourself not ‘How can I motivate myself?’, but ‘How can I realign myself with my purpose to ensure motivation is something that is inherent?’”

The art of balancing a deep and compelling vision with daily, and sometimes uninspiring, tasks is difficult to learn but a worthwhile skill. Short term challenges and obligations are simply the small steps you need to take on the path to your highest goal.

Just look at where you are today. The reason why you’re as successful as you are now is because, until this moment, you’ve managed to overcome every obstacle that’s been thrown your way.

Not only have you conquered these hurdles, but these experiences have shaped you into the person you’ve become.

Being aware of this journey is what we like to call someone who’s living a life on purpose.

“For me, everything I do is a representation of who I am,” says Jack. “I don’t need to consciously stay motivated every day because I love the work and I love the challenge.”

Often we get so hung up on the outcome that we forget to enjoy the journey. I believe that every second of every minute of every hour of every day you spend making progress toward your vision is a success that can and should be celebrated by you.

This doesn’t mean you need to be partying every night, but it does mean that you should always take the time the be grateful for what you’ve done and for what you’re still doing.

“One thing I’ve learned from starting out in business young is to enjoy the journey,” says Jack. “As entrepreneurs, a disproportionate amount of our time is spent facing challenges, which makes it all the more important to stop, pause and celebrate wins.”

Consider for a second what is driving you at the moment.

What’s the reason that you do what you do? What’s the highest intention you hold for your life? Are your daily activities a true reflection of this?

Being genuinely aligned with your life’s purpose creates a world where no outcome will ever matter because it’s that daily journey that elevates you to that outcome that drives you. To wake up every day and do something meaningful is a life infused with purpose and authenticity.

Living a life on purpose is about being so deeply compelled by your vision that you will do whatever it takes to live in accordance with it. Success is never about the outcome. It’s about how committed you are to the path.

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