One thing I obsess over is understanding the rituals and routines that enable business owners to perform at their best each day.

You’ve probably heard the saying before: “Either you run the day or the day runs you”. Waking up at 5 am has completely transformed how productive my days are.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that fellow entrepreneur, Kristina Karlsson (Founder of kikki.K), is also a believer in the 5 am wake-up.

If you’re not familiar with Kristina, she is the Founder of global Swedish design and stationary powerhouse kikki.K. With 102 stores across Australia and selling to over 147 countries worldwide, Kikki K has become a household name.

In my recent podcast interview with Kristina, she shared the entire morning routine she’s religiously used as she built her stationary empire.

This episode is absolute gold, so make sure you listen to learn;

– The 3.5 hour morning routine Kristina swears by
– How to tackle personal branding if you’re an introvert
– The technique Kikki K uses to ignore the copycats and continue innovating
– How to dream big (and, more importantly, turn those dreams into reality)

Listen to the full episode here: The Million Dollar Morning Routine kikki.K’s Founder Swears By // Kristina Karlsson