The Entourage diploma student, Megan Gobey, is the entrepreneur helping other entrepreneurs.

Founder of Etchcut Pty Ltd, her company offers 3D printing and laser cutting techniques, providing a creative hub for anyone who has an idea and wants to come and turn it into a tangible product.

With clients ranging from entrepreneurs, students, hobbyists and small businesses, Megan’s mission is clear … to be the world’s no.1 creative hub, while creating a better life for others.

Going above and beyond, the young entrepreneur is ensuring that once a year, her team at Etchcut go out and make a difference, whether that is bringing solar power to African villages, or building portable shelters for the homeless. Whatever they do, they ensure that it impacts the lives of others in an extremely positive way.

Megan is proving that when it comes to turning your ideas into a reality, age is no limitation. While she may not have initially started with the confidence she has now, she has learnt to trust her, saying that:

“I am beginning to realise that I am more than enough and knowledge can be adsorbed”

Megan is also educating others about the creative process of 3D printing, with her first workshop selling out within 24 hours. Megan creativity and tenacity cannot go unnoticed. We were fortunate to sit down with Megan and have a chat about what the future looks like for herself and the industry of innovative design.

Etchcut is such a unique business. What inspired you to start?
I was at University doing an assignment on techniques of design and manufacture. Being as infatuated with laser cutting as I already was, laser cutting was the easy choice.

We had to build something using these manufacturing techniques. I searched high and low for anyone who could help me laser cut just one simple design. Everyone I found wanted to fill the whole machine for an industrial sized order before letting you get a word in.

So I decided to adopt my father’s mentality and say ‘Why don’t I do it!’. So I did, and now we have moved into 3D printing as well and are helping other entrepreneurs build their product ideas.

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You are still a young company with such an exciting future. What has been a big win for you since starting?
My biggest win has actually been consistently proving my doubters wrong. Especially my grade 5 teacher who thought I would never amount to anything and called me stupid.

Whenever I am down, I think of where all the doubters thought I would be now versus where I am today, and it is a massive win every time!

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Where do you see yourself and Etchcut in 12 months time?
I see myself as being a regular Blogger and Vlogger for innovative design in my industry. I also see the business being Perth’s best product development facility and starting to make plans to expand to other states.

What about 5 years time? 
In 5 years I hope to have Etchcut in at least 3 other states.

If you were to go back and start your entrepreneurial venture again, what would you do differently?
Check out crowd funding! If I had the belief in crowdfunding that I do now, when I started, it would have saved me about a year of writing business plans and meeting with banks and brokers! Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to know that your idea has a market that are willing to pay for it.



Before starting at The Entourage, what areas in business were you struggling with most? Which subject/workshop do you think helped you the most?
I was struggling with Sales and how to build a functioning sales funnel. I definitely think that Unit 4 of the Diploma has helped me quite a lot. I would also say that the building an attraction model was incredibly useful! These units put it all into perspective. They also helped me see that it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

What impact has The Entourage and our community had on your business and your life?
I have met some amazing people trough the Entourage both employees and students. Some have even become life long friends. The Entourage has also made me see that any great result is replicable if you analyse it and break it down into steps of build a template around what you have done. The fundamentals will be the same for next time, you just have to apply the techniques.

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