There’s no denying Airtasker is one of the most successful startups in Australia.

What started as a community marketplace platform in 2012 has since disrupted the Australian workforce. Airtasker connects people who need to outsource tasks with those who are looking to earn money: the tasks range from everyday domestic services to removalist jobs, pet grooming, and other weird and wonderful requests.

With over 2.5 million members who post over 37,000 tasks each week, and now a presence in the UK with a global team of over 150, Tim Fung, Co-Founder and CEO, has guided the business and team through the different stages of growth to achieve incredible success. He knows how to make it happen.

Tim himself has actually been a fixture in the Australian startup and entrepreneurial scene for some time now, and he started his first business, Circuit Club, when he was still at uni.

We couldn’t think of someone better to feature as the first guest on our new podcast series, The Make It Happen Show!

Here’s what we learnt about starting, running and growing a business from Tim.

As a CEO, founder and business owner, you have one core responsibility.

That job, according to Tim, is to keep a company resourced so it can continue moving forward.

While many business owners and CEO’s might have a deep-rooted passion for product development, marketing, or hiring great people, these can’t actually be done unless the CEO is focussed on raising capital and attracting investors. This is even more important in the early stages of growth.

A company can’t move forward unless it has the money to invest in growth, and that’s a big piece of the puzzle the CEO is responsible for solving. It goes hand-in-hand – so don’t default to the manual and menial tasks

Raising capital? Be prepared to kiss some frogs along the way.

Investors have their own motivations and mandates, so rejection is just part of the process – even if you have a red-hot product or service to offer.

Tim’s words of advice?

Don’t internalise the rejection or be offended. Know that each rejection gets you one step closer to what you’re looking for.

You know how the saying goes: you’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

Everything is an experiment in entrepreneurship.

And that, for Tim, means failure isn’t that bad.

Just don’t get too carried away with this. Failure obviously isn’t awesome.

But if your product or service is backed by a rock-solid thesis, and you’re continually ingesting the feedback back into it, you’ll win more than you lose – and that’s awesome.

As an entrepreneur, you need to create an environment where you can put things out there and find out if they’re good or bad – only then can you truly move your business forward.

If you’ve got a red-hot business idea that you think will send waves through an industry, here’s the 1 thing Tim says you can do to make it happen.

Tim has a pretty clear bias towards action, so for him, it’s simple: just do something.

Get out there, build something, and see for yourself how it goes.

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