Right now, you’ve built your presence online but can’t seem to get traction or growth. Your engagement is low thanks to the ever-changing Facebook algorithms and it can be absolutely daunting to manage multiple platforms every single day. Sound familiar? 

By implementing these three steps when it comes to our “must-dos” to growing your social media audience, you’ll see momentum and results without having to invest a huge amount of your marketing dollar or your time. 

1. Find Your Tribe
This might sound really obvious but really nutting out who your target audience is and why they want to hear from you is the very first step in attracting growth.

To do this, it’s really important to trial things like A/B testing, utilize free market research where possible and begin to track your customer behaviours. For instance, what time of the day are they online? What sort of imagery and tone of voice to they respond to. What are their wants, needs, fears, and frustrations? 

Answering these questions will give you the clarity you need to really kickstart your approach to social media strategy and growth. Armed with this information, you can dive head first into creating content that you KNOW works for your audience. 

2. Know Your Numbers
Take a moment now to really think about whether you know the engagement rates of your posts, what is performing best and worst, and what kinds of posts are generating the most follows? If you don’t know this, go away right now and start tracking this in a spreadsheet.

Tracking this will give you a clear way of tracking your data and will inform both your long term social media growth strategy but also what your audience is responding to and what they want from you.  

3. Try New Things
Social media is an ever changing, ever morphing beast and it is important to keep up to date. As algorithms are constantly shifting across all social platforms you need to update and innovate your content.

For instance,  as the success of Snapchat  and Facebook Live continues to grow other platforms like Youtube are now jumping on board. This gives you the opportunity to reach your audience in new and engaging ways.

By implementing these three easy actions you’ll start to see some traction on all the hard work you put into your online platforms.