There is an endless amount of content out there in the world. Endless. It seems that every time you get on social media you’re inundated with articles, videos and information.

In a world that has so much noise, the inevitable question becomes  “How can I get my content to stand out?” and “How can I be the go-to person in my industry?”

Glad you asked!

There is a huge importance in using video content to help get yourself, your business and your message out there in the world.

To help get you started towards noise cutting content, I have laid out for you three key things to keep in mind.

What do you want and why do you want it?

It’s important before putting video content out there that you understand your market so that you know what you are chasing.

If you truly believe that you’re doing it to make an impact, then speaking and sharing your message will make a difference. It’s not about the surface level content that 99% of businesses are putting out there. It’s about messages that speak directly to the hearts and minds of your ideal target customer.

When asked the question ‘what do you want?’ it’s common for people to think of something like more leads, more money, or to make more sales. All valid things. But today, challenge yourself further.  Instead of looking at the game of business as ‘how do I get people to come to my site/shop/service’ and instead looked at it as a game of ‘what type of impact do I want to have on a person’s life?’

Once you have that in your mind and can put your message out there, you are able to build that brand awareness that has you standing out above your competitors. 

Create the Connection:

When you play this game, it doesn’t matter if you sell a product or service. What matters is what your consumers are getting from your product or service. It’s out that outcome, which in turn creates a connection which will lead to sales.

Being an entrepreneur, creating a business comes down to two key elements: A dream & a story.


We create a business to fulfil a dream. We dream of a new more organised, more connected, more exciting, more efficient world by bringing to life our dream. The clothes you’re wearing, the computer you’re using, the car you drive, the phone you use are all examples of a dream being brought to reality.

This is why you’re an entrepreneur. This is why you have a business. You have a dream that you want to bring to life.


We use stories to sell our dreams. We use stories to share why our dreams exist, why they matter and why our dreams need to become someone else’s reality. As a business owner, as an entrepreneur, we need to learn the power of storytelling, how to share our story and allow others to connect with us.

This is my message. If you don’t like it that’s ok. Those who do like are the ones who are all in. They’re the raving fans.

There’s the person who ‘watches’ a video and then there’s the person who ‘connects’ with the video.

Become Known & Liked:

The goal of any business is to become known and liked by your consumer. Using a video creates the opportunity for people to get to know, like and trust you faster than ever before. People will then be more likely to come to you for business over someone who they have never seen or met before.

By putting a video out there you are creating that personal element that allows your consumers to feel like you know them better than they know themselves and anyone else in your industry, therefore trust you more.

But to become known you have to be out there, be persistent and make connections through your content. But, it’s not about making noise!

And so we GIVE, GIVE, GIVE or as Gary Vaynerchuk says JAB, JAB, JAB (there’s a sneaky book recommendation for you).

So what is the GIVE, GIVE, GIVE model? It’s exactly that, to keep giving to the consumer with regular video content. Giving them cut through content with 90-180 seconds of killer video while addressing a problem/need with a solution. All the while being helpful and entertaining.

Remember that people have endless access to information to the point where these days they don’t see the need to have to pay for it, but what they do need help with is implementation. So be that person that they seek out for quality information and problem solving within your industry, so that when it comes time for implementation, only one name comes to their mind.