As we witness the growing influence the connected world is having on our potential customers’ buying decisions, what do you plan to do to keep your brand out there, alive, kicking and continually attracting new prospects?

The growing number of online and social tribes is drawing people into what I call the ‘tradeup culture’. We are witnessing individuals making fewer decisions on their own or in small groups. In the online world their awareness is being magnified by others, leading them to act alongside others more often.

What does that mean for your business? Well, for those prepared to act, it offers new opportunities. Remember that:

1) Decisions are increasingly being driven by recency

In a 24/7 connected world, media and consumers are being swept up in a collective excitement that has, for many, become addictive. Being part of the latest trend has become a status symbol. We want the coolest – and to find satisfaction from change, eagerly waiting new connections, tools and upgrades that provide a wired sense of being part of a tribe (thank-you Seth).

2) Buying has, for many, become associated with success

And that success is confirmed with hashtags, likes and crowdsourcing. When a brand becomes a ‘trending idea’ the associated authority fuels the need to buy.

Today your brand can grow or die on the ill-informed judgment of hundreds or even millions, and the fact that it’s happening in shorter time frames is getting scary. It’s easier than ever to be a success overnight – and then drop out of view just as fast.

3) Connection and connectedness are now driving the reasons we buy

With the ability to find new ways to think about issues, debate ideas, find solutions and ignore or embrace data, comes a new way of thinking and choosing.

So what can you do about it?

Content is undoubtedly the key – and quality, not quantity is the answer. The world does not need any more ‘average’ content, please. Your business should demonstrate your expertise, your commitment, your passion and your leadership through video, blogs, epapers, reports and the like.

Choose one inbound tactic, and do it well. That’s all many SME’s have to do. Start doing one thing uber well.

To be successful, businesses must break through the noise by proving they are a real thought-leader. As humans, we have always looked up to those who inspire, choosing them for what they say and what they can teach us.

How do you plan to survive the battle for minds in your industry?