All entrepreneurs understand one thing: our businesses will never outpace our own growth.

Our enemy is habitual thinking and falling into old patterns. They will keep us trapped forever. What got us to where we are is not going to get us to where we need to be, so we need to break the habits of our old selves, and start playing the game we’re in NOW – not the game we were in a year ago.

But the world is also full of entrepreneurs who mistake fear, aggression and stress as the only fuel that can get them to where they need to go.

I’m fuelled by the belief that, when our drive comes from the prospect of contribution and a state of happiness, we do our life’s best work.

And when we’re charged by what we love, we can set the world alight.

These are the exact challenges our Members overcame at The Entourage’s 2019 Elevate Member Retreat in Fiji.


Retreat Yourself: The Entourage’s 2019 Elevate Member Retreat

For 5 days, 50 of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs headed to Fiji to connect at the deepest levels, and grow in the most profound ways.

When you watch UNSCRIPTED 29: Master Your Inner Game, Elevate Your Life, I’ll share with you the lessons for professional and personal growth inherent within our Elevate program.

A few of my personal highlights from Fiji include:

My Consciousness Training Session: life and business will always present challenges, but whether we suffer is a matter of choice. For an entire day, I brought the lessons I’ve gained from years of personal development and reflection to our Elevate Members. The day was an intense but gratifying journey of self-discovery, and an opportunity for our Members to align with their true selves, break free from their pasts, and overcome self-limiting beliefs so they can achieve their true potential – in life, and in business.

Hearing from, and leaning on, our entourage of business experts: our Elevate Members didn’t just get access to myself for the duration of the Retreat. For the 5 days, our Members had the opportunity to gain wisdom, support and advice from The Entourage executives who attended the retreating, including our Head of Elevate Program, Sharyn Brown; Head of Business Development, Andrew Morello; Elevate Coach, Johnnie Cass; and Head of Training and Delivery, Laura Holderness.

Spending quality time with our Elevate Members: The Entourage wouldn’t be where it is without the success and support if its Members. I love hearing from our Members about how Elevate has quite literally changed their lives, I’m sure you will too.

What Is Elevate?

We launched Elevate, our Elite Business Advisory Program, in December 2017.

In just 2 years, it’s become the largest and most exclusive community, and a home, for Australia’s leading 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs.

There’s over $400 Million in annualised revenue in the Elevate body alone. It is comprised of the most exceptional entrepreneurs who are both serious about growing their businesses, and serious about growing personally.

Our Elevate Members are united by a common goal, and are personally invested in one another’s growth. They’re not just friends. It’s an inner-circle who support and elevate one another.

Since we launched Elevate, my team and I have been inundated with questions and requests from business owners everywhere, wanting a look at the amazing community that’s assembled, and the tools we give them to overcome their challenges.

So, by popular request, this episode of Unscripted is entirely dedicated to Elevate, our phenomenal Members, and the world-class team who make it happen.

It’s time to Elevate, and this is your personal invitation.

Are You Ready To Elevate?

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