What is an “Instagram shoutout”?

If we break it down, a shoutout is a method of cross-marketing promotion in which you can work with an Instagram influencer with a relevant account to promote your own account. This is achieved by networking with other accounts that are in your niche and have a similar sized number of followers as your page.

These shoutouts are particularly effective if you don’t have the marketing budget to pay bigger accounts to promote your page. Doing a couple of shoutout-for-shoutouts each day will increase your growth GUARANTEED.

For most niches on Instagram, working with other accounts and collaborating with them to do shoutout-for-shoutouts is much more effective than viewing other accounts in your niche as competition. By working together, you get more exposure, more followers and more potential customers clicking through to your website!

Here are my top tips to finding relevant, effective accounts to collaborate with:

– Identify who your target market is and who you are trying to communicate with.

– Enter your research with a clear understanding of your brand’s personality and values.

– Search through relevant hashtags to your niche and find similar accounts to yours.

– Search through who your followers follow with accounts related to yours.

– Look through the photos and accounts to follow that Instagram recommend you follow in the search/explore area.

Once you have found an account that suits your criteria, have a look through who they follow for more accounts or ask them if they know of similar accounts that you could network with.

Once you have found a few of these accounts, contact them through either Instagram direct message, email or the messaging app Kik (don’t forget to check their bio on their Instagram page for their email address or Kik username).

It’s important to be upfront and honest. Explain that you are looking to collaborate on a shoutout-for-shoutout with them and explain the benefits of doing one- make sure you identify and communicate your common target market, brand values or aesthetic.

Once you have built an ongoing partnership with a few of these accounts by helping to promote each other, a good idea is to setup a group on Kik, and all work together by scheduling regular cross marketing collaborations to help each other. Being in a group together also gives you the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs and share whats working and whats not working with your business and Instagram marketing.

Remember that when doing shoutouts the most important thing is to keep the content you post suitable and relevant for your audience so you can retain your authenticity and trust with your followers.

BONUS TIP: Sometimes you get lucky and you get a person/page/brand with a much bigger following than your page, follow your page. This is great because it means that you can send them a direct message with a high chance of them reading it. When they follow you, your direct message will automatically be sent to them and they won’t need to confirm your pending request, like they do with the other accounts they don’t follow.

To give you an example, I am lucky to have Tyrese Gibson follow @buildyourempire_ .

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 5.56.38 PM

A few months ago I produced a quote photo and sent it to him directly to obtain permission to post. Soon enough he replied and gave me permission to post it.

6 hours later, he had reposted one of my photos on his page to his 4 million Instagram followers and tagged my page which resulted in thousands of new followers instantly for my account @buildyourempire_.

This example shows what the power of Instagram, a little bit of hustle and a stroke a luck can do for your business. Ensure you are always on top of high-profile followers to capitalize on opportunities like this. You can always use great FREE resources for finding out who your most popular followers are like socialrank.com

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