When I was younger and most of my friends were doing the travel thing, I never did. I was busy building unsuccessful businesses, trying to navigate the many challenges and pitfalls of being a young person chasing a dream I was deeply connected to but knew nothing about how to actualise.

As I grew up and saw my businesses mature, my lifestyle slowly (read: VERY slowly) started to reflect the kind of life I wanted to lead. And when I started to realise that travel wasn’t just an opportunity to party but more importantly a personal development exercise that could teach me about the world, about myself and about others, I realised there was magic in seeing the world that was previously seemingly out of my reach.

Well I’d like to share with you a journey I’ve just been on…

I’ve just returned from a round the world trip with some close friends that saw us travel from Nice in the south of France, to being trackside for the Monaco Grand Prix, to exploring museums in Paris for eight hours a day gazing over art from Monet’s to the Mona Lisa, then training to Amsterdam to, well, party (would be rude not to, right?), to exploring the walls of the Colosseum that were built 2,000 years ago in Ancient Rome and gazing up at the Michelangelo painted roof of the Sistine Chapel from 1512, to taking a journey with my family to discover where our family started – a tiny island (a mountain) off the coast of Sicily which just might be the most beautiful place in the world, and then heading to New York with my partner, Vegas with 35 of our Scalable and Saleable Members before relaxing beach side by the Santa Monica Pier in L.A for a few days before heading home.

These weeks were five of the most profoundly moving and educative weeks of my life.

Showing me a side of the world I’d never seen, yet leaving me with an overwhelming hunger to continue this never ending exploration of our world and it’s rich history which stays hidden unless we seek it out. One thing I know for sure is that the richer you are as a person (and I don’t mean financially), the better entrepreneur you become as you start to appreciate things, find ideas in new places and see angles that you previously might have been blind to.

What can you do today to book your next journey? Whether it’s to Europe, America or even somewhere more local in this beautiful country of ours, what can you do today to become a richer person?

You can check out all the pics and follow the ongoing journey here.

Dream Out Loud,