While many young Australians might have resigned themselves to the fact that they’ll never be able to crack into the property market, Daniel Cohen and Taj Singh, co-founders of First Home Buyers Australia (FHBA), offer a glimmer of hope.

Less than a year into business the pair have already gained attention from multiple media outlets.

Their website FHBA is an Australian first, providing guidance to first home buyers through the entire property journey, from the moment they choose to save for their first property all the way through to searching, settling and moving in.

Since joining The Entourage, Daniel & Taj have had multiple free media appearances that include over 20 publications and interviews including Weekend Today, The Daily Telegraph, Sky News Business and The Courier Mail.

Journalists are now actively reaching out and contacting the young entrepreneurs, asking for comments, brainstorming ideas, even wishing them a Happy Birthday. 6 months ago, Daniel & Taj never thought the media would be making such a fuss over them.

But you can understand why the media is taking such an interest in their company. Prior to launching, they were able to partner with large established Australian companies due to their strong vision and ability to showcase the benefits their partners would receive as a result of being a part of their community.

They now encourage other start-ups in the pre-launch stage to do the same and let your vision speak for you: “Be confident in yourself and your business as you never know who will say yes to your proposals.”

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Since starting FHBA you have experienced so many exciting wins including multiple media appearances. What would say have been one of your biggest wins?
Gaining multiple major strategic referral partners prior to launch because of our strong vision and ability to present the benefits our partners will receive as a result of a being part of our community.

Some of these companies are very large established Australian companies and we are very proud of this early success.

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What inspires you most about your work? What do you love about running FHBA?
We are inspired by being able to help so many people achieve their own dreams, people who have been struggling and have not had much help prior to our business.

Running our own business allows us to be able to be able to make decisions quickly that will make big differences. We also love seeing the results of the decisions that we make.

What is the best piece of advice you have received since starting FHBA?
We have received so much helpful advice! However probably the best advice we’ve received is:

“Really think about where your potential customers are before they come to you & think about where your potential customer goes to for solutions prior to your existence”.

This type of thinking has helped us immensely.

What impact has The Entourage and our community had on your business and your life?
Where do we start? From the positive energy to the knowledge that someone is there if we need it, to all the skills and tips. It has all helped.

The biggest impact The Entourage has had on us is that when we disagree on an area of our business, the advisors are there for us to talk to and work through our differences so we can move forward and be on the same page. That helps a lot if you are running your business as a partnership with someone.

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