Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a progressive and terminal neurological disease, with no known treatment or cure.

Recent statistics estimate an approximate 1,200 people in Australia who are currently diagnosed with MND, with around 400 new diagnoses each year. It’s an awful disease with currently no known treatment or cure. Entourage Student Juliette Jones, is looking to change that.

After her Nonno passed away from MND back in November 2014, Juliette came up with a life changing idea that she immediately took to her mother Claudia.

Juliette wanted to make a change, she was determined to find a cure for MND within her lifetime by funding research that is dedicated to doing just that.

This level of determination, passion and persistence is impressive within anyone… but more so when you see it in a 13 year old.

From this, Juliette and Claudia co-founded CSJ leMoNaiD. Initially, this started as a leMoNaiD stand that Juliette and her family would work at every weekend at her local market.

They sell delicious, old school, homemade ‘leMoNaiD’ they raise money and awareness for a cure for MND. 100% of their profits go towards the research team at The Macquarie University MND Research Facility.

JJ lemonaid


Now, in just 18 months, CSJ leMoNaiD has raised over $30,000 to go towards research and recently, built a partnership with Parkers Organic Juices, a partnership that is a game changer for CSJ leMoNaiD, and a huge step towards their next big goal.

CSJ leMoNaiD will be bottled and sold at major sporting events, shops and even supermarkets to create a steady flow of revenue into research for a cure for MND.

While the business has grown an immense amount since starting at the markets, you can still find them under the only yellow gazebo every Saturday, from 8am2pm at Ramsgate Organic Foodies Market, Ramsgate Public School. 

When first  starting the business, Juliette was only 11 years old and for both herself and her Mother Claudia, self-doubt was a great challenge, however was not enough to stop them.

Their mission is just as important as it is bold and they quickly learnt how to approach challenges such as self-doubt, stating that “I stop listening to my brain, which is where the doubt comes from, and I listen instead to my heart, because my heart knows things my brain will never understand.” Which is strong advice for any entrepreneur.

But if they were to change one thing should they started this journey again … well they wouldn’t. “Every obstacle and every win has brought us to this point in the most perfect way for our journey.” 

Alongside their new partnership, their story was recently shared with Australia on Sunrise and they received a further $10,000 from KIA to help push them even closer to their dream!

With so much achieved in the first 18 months, they are looking to have a continuing steady flow of revenue going straight into research for a cure within the next 12 months.

CJS leMoNaiD has an exciting future ahead! We have no doubt that Juliette is making her Grandfather proud and that CSJ LeMoNaiD will continue to grow from strength to strength. 

Click here to find out more about CJS leMoNaid or to join Juliette and Claudia’s fight against MND.

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