How do you take steps out of your business and keep the standards? And how do you ensure that it continues to grow while you’re not there?

Building a business that runs without you is an aspiration of many entrepreneurs. Systemising your business allows you to free up more time to spend with friends and family, work on pursuing bigger growth opportunities and even travel overseas. The old school mentality in business is that you need to need to eliminate yourself from daily operations to achieve this, but in reality, to build a truly great business, no founder should be completely disconnected from their business.

If you want to step away from daily operations and establish a business that not only runs without you but grows without you, it’s your responsibility as the leader of your business to build the structures that enable you to step away from the daily operations and ensure that your team are focused and on-task.

There are several things that you need to do in order to effectively automate your operations:

1. Be across everything, then document everything

You should be able to understand everything from the daily to-do’s to the monthly or quarterly objectives of each team member.

Once you are across each deliverable, you can start to produce systems for each job function and every task that needs to be done. A system is simply a written process that, for instance, outlines what needs to be done, who needs to do it, when it needs to be done and who needs to be notified that it was completed. The best way to start building systems is to block out a couple of hours in your calendar each week to physically write down the who, what, when, where and how for each process.

Systems then need to be assigned someone to who owns that particular system. This person ensures that the system is completed each day, each week or each month. Additionally this person is responsible for keeping the system up-to-date as business processes change.

2. Find and develop truly great people

It doesn’t matter how small or large your operations are, even founders of multi-million dollar businesses are still involved in leading and managing the key people in their organisation to drive growth while they are not physically there.

You should be hiring with autonomy in mind, look for people who are self-starters and develop them into self-leaders so that you don’t need to be micromanaging them all the time. When you are a startup, through lack of money, you will need to develop key individuals in-house by educating them on how to follow these systems and develop new ones as they are needed.

Eventually, when you can afford it, find key people and appoint them to manage individual functions within your business, and then appoint a General Manager / C.O.O. to drive your entire business’ results for you.

3. Establish reliable reporting lines

You can’t manage your business if you don’t know what is going on. You need to establish key metrics and key deliverables and build them into reports (e.g. daily checklists, weekly updates, monthly, quarterly and annual reports).

The owner of each system should be the one who is responsible for providing these reports to you. These reports become your eyes and ears while you are not there, so that you can monitor the health of your business, make decisions and track progress towards your business goals.

Slowly but surely, putting these systems in play enables you to build a great business that runs efficiently and effectively without you.

We have developed an entire curriculum designed help you systemise your business which we cover as part of our Entourage Membership.

Success in business systemisation

Watch the below videos to hear the stories of two Entourage alumni who have successfully systemised their businesses, enabling them to step away from daily operations to focus on higher value opportunities and travel overseas while their businesses not only run, but grow while they are away.

Entourage Alumni, Abbey Crompton, CEO and Co-Founder of Caveman Kitchen, has been able to increase revenue by 40%, and increase profits by 700% and are now expanding nationally and taking Caveman Kitchen across Australia.

Abbey and her partner Dave were able to systemise operations so well that they were able to spend 3 months travelling overseas and Australia whilst still running the business.

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Scott Gellatly, Creator and CEO at Bollo Empire and Trackzen, has managed to create a business that runs itself, allowing him to focus on being a great leader and pursue other business opportunities. Within two and half years he has built a team of 12 people and has quadrupled his revenue.

From the systems and frameworks that Scott has learned during his time with The Entourage, he has been able to improve his sales conversion rate from 35% to nearly 80%.

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