Generate Low Cost, No Cost Leads

Sick of wasting time and money on marketing that doesn’t make an impact? At this workshop you’ll learn to cut through the noise and implement simple but proven marketing tactics that generate fresh leads for your business.


Get access to a $1,200 sales workshop usually exclusive to paying Entourage Members - completely free

In the world of digital marketing if you don’t play your cards correctly you can end up wasting more money and time than you're actually bringing in.

In this workshop we’ll give you access to proven, low cost lead generation tactics from referral strategies, right through to Facebook advertising, and help you put these into a scalable plan tailored to your business. You’ll never wake up to an empty inbox again!

Usually reserved exclusively for paying Entourage Members, we're giving a limited number of business owners access for free. No strings attached.

Key Workshop Takeaways
#1. Proven Facebook Ad Strategies that Generate Leads Overnight
#2. A Highly-Effective 3-Step Lead Generation Formula
#3.Craft Your Own 90-Day Marketing Plan
#4. Create Meaningful Strategic Partnerships
#5. Connect with and Convert Your Idea Customer
#6. Leverage Your Personal Brand to Generate Leads


2-day face-to-face workshop


9.30am - 9.45am

10.00am - 4.00pm
Workshop Presentations

4.00pm - 5.00pm
Networking Drinks


Tower 3, Level 5/201 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000

You also have the option to live stream the workshop from the comfort of your own home.


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  • Took Jack’s advice and structured and systemised the business over the last 3 months. Now I'm no longer required for the day-to-day operations to run smoothly. My team keep kicking me out when I get involved... But hey, that was the plan!  
    Lucas Meadowcroft
    Founder of Crofti IT Solutions
  • “Within the first year we multiplied our revenue by 5, to just under half a million annual turnover. Since then I have been able to dilute my involvement to the extent that I don't even need to check emails!”
    Nick Peardon
    Founder of Treeincarnation
  • “The Entourage has impacted my business in an amazing way. Since joining we've restructured to become a lot more profitable, we have more concise structures in the way that we do our business and we've doubled our clientele.
    Cassandra Hili
    Director of Millennium Communications
  • “I joined The Entourage with 3 staff and $1M in annual revenue. Within only 9 months of being a member, I've grown my consulting business into a team of 13 and over $1M in revenue per month!

    Frances Quinn
    Founder of Athena Consulting

What you'll learn at the workshop

Learn how Australia business owners generate unlimited low-cost, high quality leads online and consistently convert them into high-paying customers.


A Highly-Effective 3-Step
Lead Generation Formula 

Learn to automate your lead generation with this easy, replicable 3-step marketing funnel formula that fuels consistent opportunities and drives revenue for your business. 

Proven Facebook Ad Strategies that Generate Leads Overnight

Double your leads with these simple yet ridiculously effective Facebook ad strategies designed to cut your marketing costs in half. We've tested these with $2 million Facebook ad spend - they work!


Craft Your Own
90-Day Marketing Plan


Learn to navigate the crowded world of marketing and craft a tailored 90-day plan that’s right for your business. Hone in on strategies that will generate cash, and cut the ones that just waste your time.


Create Meaningful Strategic Partnerships

Stop relying on your own network to generate leads and create leverage by getting your business in front of other people's audiences. This is the quickest way to generate leads for free. 


Leverage Your Personal Brand to Generate Leads

From speaking gigs and social media, to simply asking for referrals, there's a whole suite of underestimated yet highly effective strategies you can implement to increase awareness of your business. 


How to Connect with and Convert Your Ideal Customer

Access guerrilla tactics to find out where your ideal customers are spending their time online, and learn to connect with them by entering the conversation that's already taking place in their mind.

Over 50 studios across Australia and $20 mil in annual revenue

Over the last 9 years, Aaron has grown his revolutionary pilates concept from one studio to an empire of 54 franchises. He plans to expand this to 120 - 150 studios in Australia over the next 5 years, as well as expand internationally.

In the last financial year alone Aaron brought in an impressive $20million in revenue.

Aaron Smith|Founder of KX Pilates

Marketing and growth training
built on results, not fluff.

Debuted on the AFR Young Rich List with a $32M net worth

When Jane first joined The Entourage she had a huge passion for fashion, but was stuck with three physical retail shops that were eating her growth.

With expert guidance, she quickly pivoted her focus to an online strategy, which rapidly boosted monthly sales to over $250k. She's since turned Showpo into an iconic brand and debuted on the Financial Review Young Rich List with a $32M net worth. She's also built an impressive social empire of over 2 million followers. 

Jane Lu | Founder of Showpo

From $1 million per year to $1 million per month

"I joined The Entourage with 3 staff and $1M in annual revenue. Within only 9 months of working with Jack Delosa, I've grown my consulting business into a team of13 and over $1M in revenue per month!

I'm now restructuring my business and preparing it for the second wave of growth... I'm expecting to 10X revenue in the next 2 years."

Frances Quinn | Founder of Athena Consulting